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authorStuart Brady <sdb@parisc-linux.org>2006-01-10 20:47:58 -0500
committerKyle McMartin <kyle@duet.int.mcmartin.ca>2006-01-10 21:52:19 -0500
commit49efdd46eed353027096a765f40dd8af52ece5ae (patch)
tree1323c4d264f05980f029f7868581cf18746edbdc /sound/oss
parent[PARISC] Fix BLK_BOUNCE_HIGH on parisc by initializing max_low_pfn (diff)
[PARISC] OSS: Fix build of parisc harmony driver
OSS Harmony got missed on the conversion of parisc_device.hpa to a struct resource... fix its build. Signed-off-by: Stuart Brady <sdb@parisc-linux.org> Signed-off-by: Kyle McMartin <kyle@parisc-linux.org>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/sound/oss/harmony.c b/sound/oss/harmony.c
index bee9d344cd26..591683c55f27 100644
--- a/sound/oss/harmony.c
+++ b/sound/oss/harmony.c
@@ -1236,7 +1236,7 @@ harmony_driver_probe(struct parisc_device *dev)
/* Set the HPA of harmony */
- harmony.hpa = (struct harmony_hpa *)dev->hpa;
+ harmony.hpa = (struct harmony_hpa *)dev->hpa.start;
harmony.dev = dev;
/* Grab the ID and revision from the device */
@@ -1250,7 +1250,7 @@ harmony_driver_probe(struct parisc_device *dev)
printk(KERN_INFO "Lasi Harmony Audio driver " HARMONY_VERSION ", "
"h/w id %i, rev. %i at 0x%lx, IRQ %i\n",
- id, rev, dev->hpa, harmony.dev->irq);
+ id, rev, dev->hpa.start, harmony.dev->irq);
/* Make sure the control bit isn't set, although I don't think it
ever is. */