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authorKan Liang <kan.liang@linux.intel.com>2020-02-28 08:30:02 -0800
committerArnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme@redhat.com>2020-03-09 21:43:24 -0300
commit277ce1efa7b504873cd32a4106654836c2f80e1b (patch)
tree677b3cdd05594bb9daa417953f370774c2754607 /tools/perf/util
parentperf evsel: Support PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_HW_INDEX (diff)
perf header: Add check for unexpected use of reserved membrs in event attr
The perf.data may be generated by a newer version of perf tool, which support new input bits in attr, e.g. new bit for branch_sample_type. The perf.data may be parsed by an older version of perf tool later. The old perf tool may parse the perf.data incorrectly. There is no warning message for this case. Current perf header never check for unknown input bits in attr. When read the event desc from header, check the stored event attr. The reserved bits, sample type, read format and branch sample type will be checked. Signed-off-by: Kan Liang <kan.liang@linux.intel.com> Cc: Adrian Hunter <adrian.hunter@intel.com> Cc: Alexey Budankov <alexey.budankov@linux.intel.com> Cc: Andi Kleen <ak@linux.intel.com> Cc: Jiri Olsa <jolsa@redhat.com> Cc: Mathieu Poirier <mathieu.poirier@linaro.org> Cc: Michael Ellerman <mpe@ellerman.id.au> Cc: Namhyung Kim <namhyung@kernel.org> Cc: Pavel Gerasimov <pavel.gerasimov@intel.com> Cc: Peter Zijlstra <peterz@infradead.org> Cc: Ravi Bangoria <ravi.bangoria@linux.ibm.com> Cc: Stephane Eranian <eranian@google.com> Cc: Vitaly Slobodskoy <vitaly.slobodskoy@intel.com> Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20200228163011.19358-4-kan.liang@linux.intel.com Signed-off-by: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme@redhat.com>
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1 files changed, 37 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/tools/perf/util/header.c b/tools/perf/util/header.c
index 4246e7447e54..acbd046bf95c 100644
--- a/tools/perf/util/header.c
+++ b/tools/perf/util/header.c
@@ -1590,6 +1590,40 @@ static void free_event_desc(struct evsel *events)
+static bool perf_attr_check(struct perf_event_attr *attr)
+ if (attr->__reserved_1 || attr->__reserved_2 || attr->__reserved_3) {
+ pr_warning("Reserved bits are set unexpectedly. "
+ "Please update perf tool.\n");
+ return false;
+ }
+ if (attr->sample_type & ~(PERF_SAMPLE_MAX-1)) {
+ pr_warning("Unknown sample type (0x%llx) is detected. "
+ "Please update perf tool.\n",
+ attr->sample_type);
+ return false;
+ }
+ if (attr->read_format & ~(PERF_FORMAT_MAX-1)) {
+ pr_warning("Unknown read format (0x%llx) is detected. "
+ "Please update perf tool.\n",
+ attr->read_format);
+ return false;
+ }
+ if ((attr->sample_type & PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_STACK) &&
+ (attr->branch_sample_type & ~(PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_MAX-1))) {
+ pr_warning("Unknown branch sample type (0x%llx) is detected. "
+ "Please update perf tool.\n",
+ attr->branch_sample_type);
+ return false;
+ }
+ return true;
static struct evsel *read_event_desc(struct feat_fd *ff)
struct evsel *evsel, *events = NULL;
@@ -1634,6 +1668,9 @@ static struct evsel *read_event_desc(struct feat_fd *ff)
memcpy(&evsel->core.attr, buf, msz);
+ if (!perf_attr_check(&evsel->core.attr))
+ goto error;
if (do_read_u32(ff, &nr))
goto error;