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authorDavid Vernet <void@manifault.com>2022-05-12 20:22:56 -0700
committerAndrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org>2022-05-13 07:20:12 -0700
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cgroups: refactor children cgroups in memcg tests
Patch series "Fix bugs in memcontroller cgroup tests", v2. tools/testing/selftests/cgroup/test_memcontrol.c contains a set of testcases which validate expected behavior of the cgroup memory controller. Roman Gushchin recently sent out a patchset that fixed a few issues in the test. This patchset continues that effort by fixing a few more issues that were causing non-deterministic failures in the suite. With this patchset, I'm unable to reproduce any more errors after running the tests in a continuous loop for many iterations. Before, I was able to reproduce at least one of the errors fixed in this patchset with just one or two runs. This patch (of 5): In test_memcg_min() and test_memcg_low(), there is an array of four sibling cgroups. All but one of these sibling groups does a 50MB allocation, and the group that does no allocation is the third of four in the array. This is not a problem per se, but makes it a bit tricky to do some assertions in test_memcg_low(), as we want to make assertions on the siblings based on whether or not they performed allocations. Having a static index before which all groups have performed an allocation makes this cleaner. This patch therefore reorders the sibling groups so that the group that performs no allocations is the last in the array. A follow-on patch will leverage this to fix a bug in the test that incorrectly asserts that a sibling group that had performed an allocation, but only had protection from its parent, will not observe any memory.events.low events during reclaim. Link: https://lkml.kernel.org/r/20220423155619.3669555-1-void@manifault.com Link: https://lkml.kernel.org/r/20220423155619.3669555-2-void@manifault.com Signed-off-by: David Vernet <void@manifault.com> Acked-by: Roman Gushchin <roman.gushchin@linux.dev> Cc: Tejun Heo <tj@kernel.org> Cc: Johannes Weiner <hannes@cmpxchg.org> Cc: Michal Hocko <mhocko@kernel.org> Cc: Shakeel Butt <shakeelb@google.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org>
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