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contain one or more packets. The send buffer is an optimization, the driver
will use slower method to handle very large packets or if the send buffer
area is exhausted.
+ XDP support
+ -----------
+ XDP (eXpress Data Path) is a feature that runs eBPF bytecode at the early
+ stage when packets arrive at a NIC card. The goal is to increase performance
+ for packet processing, reducing the overhead of SKB allocation and other
+ upper network layers.
+ hv_netvsc supports XDP in native mode, and transparently sets the XDP
+ program on the associated VF NIC as well.
+ Setting / unsetting XDP program on synthetic NIC (netvsc) propagates to
+ VF NIC automatically. Setting / unsetting XDP program on VF NIC directly
+ is not recommended, also not propagated to synthetic NIC, and may be
+ overwritten by setting of synthetic NIC.
+ XDP program cannot run with LRO (RSC) enabled, so you need to disable LRO
+ before running XDP:
+ ethtool -K eth0 lro off
+ XDP_REDIRECT action is not yet supported.