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2 files changed, 2 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/fs/sysfs/dir.c b/fs/sysfs/dir.c
index 7a8ce9e98b32..337162935d21 100644
--- a/fs/sysfs/dir.c
+++ b/fs/sysfs/dir.c
@@ -132,7 +132,7 @@ struct dentry *sysfs_get_dentry(struct sysfs_dirent *sd)
* Pointer to @sd on success, NULL on failure.
-struct sysfs_dirent *sysfs_get_active(struct sysfs_dirent *sd)
+static struct sysfs_dirent *sysfs_get_active(struct sysfs_dirent *sd)
if (unlikely(!sd))
return NULL;
@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ struct sysfs_dirent *sysfs_get_active(struct sysfs_dirent *sd)
* Put an active reference to @sd. This function is noop if @sd
* is NULL.
-void sysfs_put_active(struct sysfs_dirent *sd)
+static void sysfs_put_active(struct sysfs_dirent *sd)
struct completion *cmpl;
int v;
diff --git a/fs/sysfs/sysfs.h b/fs/sysfs/sysfs.h
index f8417988f6b0..ff17f8da9b43 100644
--- a/fs/sysfs/sysfs.h
+++ b/fs/sysfs/sysfs.h
@@ -103,8 +103,6 @@ extern const struct file_operations sysfs_dir_operations;
extern const struct inode_operations sysfs_dir_inode_operations;
struct dentry *sysfs_get_dentry(struct sysfs_dirent *sd);
-struct sysfs_dirent *sysfs_get_active(struct sysfs_dirent *sd);
-void sysfs_put_active(struct sysfs_dirent *sd);
struct sysfs_dirent *sysfs_get_active_two(struct sysfs_dirent *sd);
void sysfs_put_active_two(struct sysfs_dirent *sd);
void sysfs_addrm_start(struct sysfs_addrm_cxt *acxt,