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@@ -31,28 +31,18 @@ The counterparts to those functions are listed below.
- int crypto_unregister_alg(struct crypto_alg *alg);
- int crypto_unregister_algs(struct crypto_alg *algs, int count);
+ void crypto_unregister_alg(struct crypto_alg *alg);
+ void crypto_unregister_algs(struct crypto_alg *algs, int count);
-Notice that both registration and unregistration functions do return a
-value, so make sure to handle errors. A return code of zero implies
-success. Any return code < 0 implies an error.
+The registration functions return 0 on success, or a negative errno
+value on failure. crypto_register_algs() succeeds only if it
+successfully registered all the given algorithms; if it fails partway
+through, then any changes are rolled back.
-The bulk registration/unregistration functions register/unregister each
-transformation in the given array of length count. They handle errors as
-- crypto_register_algs() succeeds if and only if it successfully
- registers all the given transformations. If an error occurs partway
- through, then it rolls back successful registrations before returning
- the error code. Note that if a driver needs to handle registration
- errors for individual transformations, then it will need to use the
- non-bulk function crypto_register_alg() instead.
-- crypto_unregister_algs() tries to unregister all the given
- transformations, continuing on error. It logs errors and always
- returns zero.
+The unregistration functions always succeed, so they don't have a
+return value. Don't try to unregister algorithms that aren't
+currently registered.
Single-Block Symmetric Ciphers [CIPHER]
@@ -169,10 +159,10 @@ are as follows:
- int crypto_unregister_ahash(struct ahash_alg *alg);
+ void crypto_unregister_ahash(struct ahash_alg *alg);
- int crypto_unregister_shash(struct shash_alg *alg);
- int crypto_unregister_shashes(struct shash_alg *algs, int count);
+ void crypto_unregister_shash(struct shash_alg *alg);
+ void crypto_unregister_shashes(struct shash_alg *algs, int count);
Cipher Definition With struct shash_alg and ahash_alg