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Configuration of common clocks, which affect multiple consumer devices can
be similarly specified in the clock provider node.
+==Protected clocks==
+Some platforms or firmwares may not fully expose all the clocks to the OS, such
+as in situations where those clks are used by drivers running in ARM secure
+execution levels. Such a configuration can be specified in device tree with the
+protected-clocks property in the form of a clock specifier list. This property should
+only be specified in the node that is providing the clocks being protected:
+ clock-controller@a000f000 {
+ compatible = "vendor,clk95;
+ reg = <0xa000f000 0x1000>
+ #clocks-cells = <1>;
+ ...
+ protected-clocks = <UART3_CLK>, <SPI5_CLK>;
+ };