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@@ -33,6 +33,12 @@ Optional properties:
- clocks : List of phandle and clock specifier pairs
- clock-names : List of clock input name strings sorted in the same
order as the clocks property.
+ "ref_clk" indicates reference clock frequency.
+ UFS host supplies reference clock to UFS device and UFS device
+ specification allows host to provide one of the 4 frequencies (19.2 MHz,
+ 26 MHz, 38.4 MHz, 52MHz) for reference clock. This "ref_clk" entry is
+ parsed and used to update the reference clock setting in device.
+ Defaults to 26 MHz(as per specification) if not specified by host.
- freq-table-hz : Array of <min max> operating frequencies stored in the same
order as the clocks property. If this property is not
defined or a value in the array is "0" then it is assumed