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See also Documentation/trace/ftrace.txt "trace options"
+ tp_printk[FTRACE]
+ Have the tracepoints sent to printk as well as the
+ tracing ring buffer. This is useful for early boot up
+ where the system hangs or reboots and does not give the
+ option for reading the tracing buffer or performing a
+ ftrace_dump_on_oops.
+ To turn off having tracepoints sent to printk,
+ echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/tracepoint_printk
+ Note, echoing 1 into this file without the
+ tracepoint_printk kernel cmdline option has no effect.
+ ** CAUTION **
+ Having tracepoints sent to printk() and activating high
+ frequency tracepoints such as irq or sched, can cause
+ the system to live lock.
[FTRACE] enable this option to disable tracing when a
warning is hit. This turns off "tracing_on". Tracing can