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-/proc/sound, /dev/sndstat
-/proc/sound and /dev/sndstat is not supported by the
-driver. To find out whether the driver succeeded loading,
-check the kernel log (dmesg).
-ALaw/uLaw sample formats
-This driver does not support the ALaw/uLaw sample formats.
-ALaw is the default mode when opening a sound device
-using OSS/Free. The reason for the lack of support is
-that the hardware does not support these formats, and adding
-conversion routines to the kernel would lead to very ugly
-code in the presence of the mmap interface to the driver.
-And since xquake uses mmap, mmap is considered important :-)
-and no sane application uses ALaw/uLaw these days anyway.
-In short, playing a Sun .au file as follows:
-cat my_file.au > /dev/dsp
-does not work. Instead, you may use the play script from
-Chris Bagwell's sox-12.14 package (available from the URL
-below) to play many different audio file formats.
-The script automatically determines the audio format
-and does do audio conversions if necessary.
-Blocking vs. nonblocking IO
-Unlike OSS/Free this driver honours the O_NONBLOCK file flag
-not only during open, but also during read and write.
-This is an effort to make the sound driver interface more
-regular. Timidity has problems with this; a patch
-is available from http://www.ife.ee.ethz.ch/~sailer/linux/pciaudio.html.
-(Timidity patched will also run on OSS/Free).
-The driver supports a simple MIDI UART interface, with
-no ioctl's supported.
-MIDI synthesizer
-This soundcard does not have any hardware MIDI synthesizer;
-MIDI synthesis has to be done in software. To allow this
-the driver/soundcard supports two PCM (/dev/dsp) interfaces.
-There is a freely available software package that allows
-MIDI file playback on this soundcard called Timidity.
-See http://www.cgs.fi/~tt/timidity/.
-Thomas Sailer