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@@ -267,17 +267,6 @@ tcp_max_orphans - INTEGER
more aggressively. Let me to remind again: each orphan eats
up to ~64K of unswappable memory.
-tcp_max_ssthresh - INTEGER
- Limited Slow-Start for TCP with large congestion windows (cwnd) defined in
- RFC3742. Limited slow-start is a mechanism to limit growth of the cwnd
- on the region where cwnd is larger than tcp_max_ssthresh. TCP increases cwnd
- by at most tcp_max_ssthresh segments, and by at least tcp_max_ssthresh/2
- segments per RTT when the cwnd is above tcp_max_ssthresh.
- If TCP connection increased cwnd to thousands (or tens of thousands) segments,
- and thousands of packets were being dropped during slow-start, you can set
- tcp_max_ssthresh to improve performance for new TCP connection.
- Default: 0 (off)
tcp_max_syn_backlog - INTEGER
Maximal number of remembered connection requests, which have not
received an acknowledgment from connecting client.