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Please refer to the PCI specification for more information on interactions
between PCI transactions.
- (*) readX_relaxed()
- These are similar to readX(), but are not guaranteed to be ordered in any
- way. Be aware that there is no I/O read barrier available.
+ (*) readX_relaxed(), writeX_relaxed()
+ These are similar to readX() and writeX(), but provide weaker memory
+ ordering guarantees. Specifically, they do not guarantee ordering with
+ respect to normal memory accesses (e.g. DMA buffers) nor do they guarantee
+ ordering with respect to LOCK or UNLOCK operations. If the latter is
+ required, an mmiowb() barrier can be used. Note that relaxed accesses to
+ the same peripheral are guaranteed to be ordered with respect to each
+ other.
(*) ioreadX(), iowriteX()