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@@ -480,6 +480,24 @@ config CAVIUM_ERRATUM_27456
If unsure, say Y.
+ bool "Falkor E1003: Incorrect translation due to ASID change"
+ default y
+ select ARM64_PAN if ARM64_SW_TTBR0_PAN
+ help
+ On Falkor v1, an incorrect ASID may be cached in the TLB when ASID
+ and BADDR are changed together in TTBRx_EL1. The workaround for this
+ issue is to use a reserved ASID in cpu_do_switch_mm() before
+ switching to the new ASID. Saying Y here selects ARM64_PAN if
+ ARM64_SW_TTBR0_PAN is selected. This is done because implementing and
+ maintaining the E1003 workaround in the software PAN emulation code
+ would be an unnecessary complication. The affected Falkor v1 CPU
+ implements ARMv8.1 hardware PAN support and using hardware PAN
+ support versus software PAN emulation is mutually exclusive at
+ runtime.
+ If unsure, say Y.
bool "Falkor E1009: Prematurely complete a DSB after a TLBI"
default y