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diff --git a/arch/um/Kconfig b/arch/um/Kconfig
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--- a/arch/um/Kconfig
+++ b/arch/um/Kconfig
@@ -203,17 +203,6 @@ config NR_CPUS
depends on SMP
default "32"
-config NEST_LEVEL
- int "Nesting level"
- default "0"
- help
- This is set to the number of layers of UMLs that this UML will be run
- in. Normally, this is zero, meaning that it will run directly on the
- host. Setting it to one will build a UML that can run inside a UML
- that is running on the host. Generally, if you intend this UML to run
- inside another UML, set CONFIG_NEST_LEVEL to one more than the host
- UML.
config HIGHMEM
bool "Highmem support (EXPERIMENTAL)"
depends on !64BIT && EXPERIMENTAL
diff --git a/arch/um/Kconfig.i386 b/arch/um/Kconfig.i386
index e75264603d24..3cd8a04d66d8 100644
--- a/arch/um/Kconfig.i386
+++ b/arch/um/Kconfig.i386
@@ -23,43 +23,6 @@ config SEMAPHORE_SLEEPERS
default y
- prompt "Host memory split"
- default HOST_VMSPLIT_3G
- help
- This is needed when the host kernel on which you run has a non-default
- (like 2G/2G) memory split, instead of the customary 3G/1G. If you did
- not recompile your own kernel but use the default distro's one, you can
- safely accept the "Default split" option.
- It can be enabled on recent (>=2.6.16-rc2) vanilla kernels via
- CONFIG_VM_SPLIT_*, or on previous kernels with special patches (-ck
- patchset by Con Kolivas, or other ones) - option names match closely the
- host CONFIG_VM_SPLIT_* ones.
- A lower setting (where 1G/3G is lowest and 3G/1G is higher) will
- tolerate even more "normal" host kernels, but an higher setting will be
- stricter.
- So, if you do not know what to do here, say 'Default split'.
- bool "Default split (3G/1G user/kernel host split)"
- bool "3G/1G user/kernel host split (for full 1G low memory)"
- bool "2G/2G user/kernel host split"
- bool "1G/3G user/kernel host split"
-config TOP_ADDR
- hex
- default 0xB0000000 if HOST_VMSPLIT_3G_OPT
- default 0x78000000 if HOST_VMSPLIT_2G
- default 0x40000000 if HOST_VMSPLIT_1G
- default 0xC0000000
bool "Three-level pagetables (EXPERIMENTAL)"
default n
diff --git a/arch/um/Kconfig.x86_64 b/arch/um/Kconfig.x86_64
index b438f0e14271..6533b349f061 100644
--- a/arch/um/Kconfig.x86_64
+++ b/arch/um/Kconfig.x86_64
@@ -15,10 +15,6 @@ config SEMAPHORE_SLEEPERS
default y
-config TOP_ADDR
- hex
- default 0x7fc0000000
default y