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+Changes v8->v9, along with who suggested it.
+- [EVERYBODY] Zinc no longer ships generated assembly code. Rather, we now
+ bundle in the original perlasm generator for it. This is ongoing joint work
+ with Andy Polyakov upstream, so that the same .pl files can live in our tree
+ as well as in the CRYPTOGAMS tree. I personally find that the code required
+ to share this in both repositories to be a tiny bit ugly. I think there would
+ be some degree of an advantage to removing that and making the .pl
+ kernel-only, and then carefully tracking Andy's changes (as we already
+ do). Previous opinions on the list, though, were that there's also
+ significant advantage to being able to share the exact same code in both.
+ And I think there's a decent amount of wisdom in that too. Since that
+ appeared to be the prevailing view, and since it also has good reasons
+ arguments, we'll go with that for now.
+ Meanwhile, Andy is recently back from some time away, and so we'll be
+ improving these even further in the months to come. Already there are a few
+ things ready that haven't been integrated here just yet.
+- [Eric Biggers] In Zinc introductory commit, add more details on what Zinc is
+ for and what the inclusion criteria are, as well as some notes on API.
+- Clarify the peer removal logic and make lifetimes more precise.
+- [Jann Horn] Use READ_ONCE for is_valid and is_dead.
+- [Jann Horn] No need to use atomic when the recounter is mutex protected.
+- [Andrew Lunn] Fix up macros and annotations in allowedips.
+- [Andrew Lunn] Increment drop counter when staged packets are dropped.
+- Use static constants instead of enums for 64-bit values in selftest.
+- Mark large constants as ULL in poly1305-donna64.
+- Fix sparse warnings in allowedips debugging code.
+- Do not use wg_peer_get_maybe_zero in timer callbacks, since we now can
+ carefully control the lifetime of these functions and ensure they never
+ execute after dropping the last reference.
+- Cleanup hashing in ratelimiter.
+- Do not guard timer removals, since del_timer is always okay.
+- [Theodore Ts'o, Andrew Lunn, Sultan Alsawaf] We now check for PM_AUTOSLEEP,
+ which makes the clear-on-suspend decision a bit more general.
+- Set csum_level to ~0, since the poly1305 authenticator certainly means
+ that no data was modified in transit.
+- [Andrejs Hanins] Use CHECKSUM_PARTIAL check for skb_checksum_help instead
+ of skb_checksum_setup check.
+- [Ard Biesheuvel] Enable the selftests by default, and leave it to
+ small-system builders to disable this.
+- [Sultan Alsawaf] We no longer allocate large hashtables as part of the
+ net_device structure.
+- Iteration of allowed IPs per peer now uses a normal boring fast linked
+ list instead of needing to traverse a giant tree. This makes retrieving
+ peer properties over netlink several orders of magnitude faster.
+- The removal of all peers now includes two iterations through the peer
+ list with a single synchronize_rcu_bh() in between iterations, as opposed
+ to having one iteration, but a synchronize_rcu_bh() for every single peer.
+- [Arnd Bergmann] 64-bit timestamps.
+- The test suite now checks the validity of timestamps and checks that private
+ keys are being properly clamped.
+- Numerous API changes made in-tree since v8, such as shedding _bh() on a few
+ functions and networking API changes and such.
+- Following the Adiantum merge, the two commits that port the old crypto API
+ over to use Zinc have been removed from this series. We can certainly add
+ them back in at some point, but I thought it'd be favorable to at least
+ begin to receive some sign-offs on the Zinc-specific commits, now that
+ (hopefully all of) the previous feedback has been taken care of. The two
+ commits porting it over are fairly standalone as well, so that shouldn't
+ impact the ability to review this. For now those are living in the
+ jd/with-cryptoapi-port branch of kernel.org's zx2c4/linux.git tree. This
+ also allows us to move this all forward a little bit.