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@@ -8,3 +8,31 @@ config FSL_FMAN
Freescale Data-Path Acceleration Architecture Frame Manager
(FMan) support
+config DPAA_ERRATUM_A050385
+ bool
+ depends on ARM64 && FSL_DPAA
+ default y
+ help
+ DPAA FMan erratum A050385 software workaround implementation:
+ align buffers, data start, SG fragment length to avoid FMan DMA
+ splits.
+ FMAN DMA read or writes under heavy traffic load may cause FMAN
+ internal resource leak thus stopping further packet processing.
+ The FMAN internal queue can overflow when FMAN splits single
+ read or write transactions into multiple smaller transactions
+ such that more than 17 AXI transactions are in flight from FMAN
+ to interconnect. When the FMAN internal queue overflows, it can
+ stall further packet processing. The issue can occur with any
+ one of the following three conditions:
+ 1. FMAN AXI transaction crosses 4K address boundary (Errata
+ A010022)
+ 2. FMAN DMA address for an AXI transaction is not 16 byte
+ aligned, i.e. the last 4 bits of an address are non-zero
+ 3. Scatter Gather (SG) frames have more than one SG buffer in
+ the SG list and any one of the buffers, except the last
+ buffer in the SG list has data size that is not a multiple
+ of 16 bytes, i.e., other than 16, 32, 48, 64, etc.
+ With any one of the above three conditions present, there is
+ likelihood of stalled FMAN packet processing, especially under
+ stress with multiple ports injecting line-rate traffic.