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+# OKI Semiconductor device configuration
+config PCH_GBE
+ tristate "OKI SEMICONDUCTOR ML7223 IOH GbE (Intel EG20T PCH)"
+ depends on PCI
+ select MII
+ ---help---
+ This is a gigabit ethernet driver for EG20T PCH.
+ EG20T PCH is the platform controller hub that is used in Intel's
+ general embedded platform. EG20T PCH has Gigabit Ethernet interface.
+ Using this interface, it is able to access system devices connected
+ to Gigabit Ethernet. This driver enables Gigabit Ethernet function.
+ This driver also can be used for OKI SEMICONDUCTOR IOH(Input/
+ Output Hub), ML7223.
+ ML7223 IOH is for MP(Media Phone) use.
+ ML7223 is companion chip for Intel Atom E6xx series.
+ ML7223 is completely compatible for Intel EG20T PCH.