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+++ b/drivers/net/ethernet/sfc/Kconfig
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config SFC
- tristate "Solarflare SFC4000/SFC9000/SFC9100-family support"
+ tristate "Solarflare SFC9000/SFC9100-family support"
depends on PCI
select MDIO
select CRC32
select I2C
select I2C_ALGOBIT
select PTP_1588_CLOCK
+ select SFC_FALCON
This driver supports 10/40-gigabit Ethernet cards based on
- the Solarflare SFC4000, SFC9000-family and SFC9100-family
- controllers.
+ the Solarflare SFC9000-family and SFC9100-family controllers.
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here. The module
will be called sfc.
config SFC_MTD
- bool "Solarflare SFC4000/SFC9000/SFC9100-family MTD support"
+ bool "Solarflare SFC9000/SFC9100-family MTD support"
depends on SFC && MTD && !(SFC=y && MTD=m)
default y