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@@ -143,6 +143,30 @@ config DEBUG_INFO_REDUCED
DEBUG_INFO build and compile times are reduced too.
Only works with newer gcc versions.
+ bool "Produce split debuginfo in .dwo files"
+ depends on DEBUG_INFO
+ help
+ Generate debug info into separate .dwo files. This significantly
+ reduces the build directory size for builds with DEBUG_INFO,
+ because it stores the information only once on disk in .dwo
+ files instead of multiple times in object files and executables.
+ In addition the debug information is also compressed.
+ Requires recent gcc (4.7+) and recent gdb/binutils.
+ Any tool that packages or reads debug information would need
+ to know about the .dwo files and include them.
+ Incompatible with older versions of ccache.
+ bool "Generate dwarf4 debuginfo"
+ depends on DEBUG_INFO
+ help
+ Generate dwarf4 debug info. This requires recent versions
+ of gcc and gdb. It makes the debug information larger.
+ But it significantly improves the success of resolving
+ variables in gdb on optimized code.
bool "Enable __deprecated logic"
default y