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@@ -353,23 +353,13 @@ config DEBUG_SECTION_MISMATCH
which results in the code/data being placed in specific sections.
The section mismatch analysis is always performed after a full
kernel build, and enabling this option causes the following
- additional steps to occur:
+ additional step to occur:
- Add the option -fno-inline-functions-called-once to gcc commands.
When inlining a function annotated with __init in a non-init
function, we would lose the section information and thus
the analysis would not catch the illegal reference.
This option tells gcc to inline less (but it does result in
a larger kernel).
- - Run the section mismatch analysis for each module/built-in.a file.
- When we run the section mismatch analysis on vmlinux.o, we
- lose valuable information about where the mismatch was
- introduced.
- Running the analysis for each module/built-in.a file
- tells where the mismatch happens much closer to the
- source. The drawback is that the same mismatch is
- reported at least twice.
- - Enable verbose reporting from modpost in order to help resolve
- the section mismatches that are reported.
bool "Make section mismatch errors non-fatal"