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+# name meta args...
+# Where meta contains a string of variants to generate.
+# Upper-case implies _{acquire,release,relaxed} variants.
+# Valid meta values are:
+# * B/b - bool: returns bool
+# * v - void: returns void
+# * I/i - int: returns base type
+# * R - return: returns base type (has _return variants)
+# * F/f - fetch: returns base type (has fetch_ variants)
+# * l - load: returns base type (has _acquire order variant)
+# * s - store: returns void (has _release order variant)
+# Where args contains list of type[:name], where type is:
+# * cv - const pointer to atomic base type (atomic_t/atomic64_t/atomic_long_t)
+# * v - pointer to atomic base type (atomic_t/atomic64_t/atomic_long_t)
+# * i - base type (int/s64/long)
+# * p - pointer to base type (int/s64/long)
+read l cv
+set s v i
+add vRF i v
+sub vRF i v
+inc vRF v
+dec vRF v
+and vF i v
+andnot vF i v
+or vF i v
+xor vF i v
+xchg I v i
+cmpxchg I v i:old i:new
+try_cmpxchg B v p:old i:new
+sub_and_test b i v
+dec_and_test b v
+inc_and_test b v
+add_negative b i v
+add_unless fb v i:a i:u
+inc_not_zero b v
+inc_unless_negative b v
+dec_unless_positive b v
+dec_if_positive i v