AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-12-20VSOCK: add full barrier between test casesStefan Hajnoczi1-2/+16
2019-12-20VSOCK: extract connect/accept functions from vsock_diag_test.cStefan Hajnoczi3-76/+119
2019-12-20VSOCK: extract utility functions from vsock_diag_test.cStefan Hajnoczi4-71/+125
2019-12-20VSOCK: add SPDX identifiers to vsock testsStefan Hajnoczi2-0/+2
2019-12-20VSOCK: fix header include in vsock_diag_testStefan Hajnoczi3-5/+4
2019-12-20Merge branch 'add-dsa-switch-support-for-ar9331'David S. Miller12-1/+1253
2019-12-20net: dsa: add support for Atheros AR9331 built-in switchOleksij Rempel5-0/+869
2019-12-20net: dsa: add support for Atheros AR9331 TAG formatOleksij Rempel4-0/+105
2019-12-20MIPS: ath79: ar9331: add ar9331-switch nodeOleksij Rempel2-1/+131
2019-12-20dt-bindings: net: dsa: qca, ar9331 switch documentationOleksij Rempel1-0/+148
2019-12-19NFC: pn544: Adjust indentation in pn544_hci_check_presenceNathan Chancellor1-1/+1
2019-12-19Merge branch 'bcmgenet-Turn-on-offloads-by-default'David S. Miller2-50/+67
2019-12-19net: bcmgenet: Add software counters to track reallocationsDoug Berger2-0/+8
2019-12-19net: bcmgenet: Be drop monitor friendly while re-allocating headroomDoug Berger1-1/+2
2019-12-19net: bcmgenet: Turn on offloads by defaultDoug Berger1-3/+5
2019-12-19net: bcmgenet: Utilize bcmgenet_set_features() during resume/openDoug Berger1-0/+8
2019-12-19net: bcmgenet: Refactor bcmgenet_set_features()Doug Berger1-19/+19
2019-12-19net: bcmgenet: use CHECKSUM_COMPLETE for NETIF_F_RXCSUMDoug Berger2-13/+8
2019-12-19net: bcmgenet: enable NETIF_F_HW_CSUM featureDoug Berger1-17/+12
2019-12-19net: bcmgenet: enable NETIF_F_HIGHDMA flagDoug Berger1-2/+10
2019-12-19net: systemport: Set correct DMA maskFlorian Fainelli1-0/+8
2019-12-19Merge branch 'nfp-tls-implement-the-stream-sync-RX-resync'David S. Miller11-26/+190
2019-12-19nfp: tls: implement the stream sync RX resyncJakub Kicinski9-16/+172
2019-12-19net/tls: add helper for testing if socket is RX offloadedJakub Kicinski2-2/+12
2019-12-19nfp: pass packet pointer to nfp_net_parse_meta()Jakub Kicinski1-10/+8
2019-12-19Merge branch 'nfp-ipv6-tunnel'David S. Miller7-229/+893
2019-12-19nfp: flower: update flow merge code to support IPv6 tunnelsJohn Hurley1-5/+23
2019-12-19nfp: flower: support ipv6 tunnel keep-alive messages from fwJohn Hurley4-0/+67
2019-12-19nfp: flower: handle notifiers for ipv6 route changesJohn Hurley2-68/+181
2019-12-19nfp: flower: handle ipv6 tunnel no neigh requestJohn Hurley4-8/+116
2019-12-19nfp: flower: modify pre-tunnel and set tunnel action for ipv6John Hurley3-30/+62
2019-12-19nfp: flower: offload list of IPv6 tunnel endpoint addressesJohn Hurley5-1/+141
2019-12-19nfp: flower: compile match for IPv6 tunnelsJohn Hurley4-51/+246
2019-12-19nfp: flower: move udp tunnel key match compilation to helper functionJohn Hurley1-22/+35
2019-12-19nfp: flower: pass flow rule pointer directly to match functionsJohn Hurley1-49/+27
2019-12-19hdlcdrv: replace unnecessary assertion in hdlcdrv_registerAditya Pakki1-2/+0
2019-12-19net: mvpp2: cycle comphy to power it downRussell King1-0/+10
2019-12-19net: sfp: report error on failure to read sfp soft statusRussell King1-2/+9
2019-12-19Merge branch 'phylib-consolidation'David S. Miller6-217/+129
2019-12-19net: phy: marvell: use genphy_check_and_restart_aneg()Russell King1-20/+1
2019-12-19net: phy: marvell: use phy_modify_changed()Russell King1-16/+10
2019-12-19net: phy: marvell: use existing clause 37 definitionsRussell King1-18/+8
2019-12-19net: phy: marvell: consolidate phy status readingRussell King1-43/+17
2019-12-19net: phy: marvell: use positive logic for link stateRussell King1-4/+3
2019-12-19net: phy: marvell: initialise link partner state earlierRussell King1-20/+5
2019-12-19net: phy: marvell: rearrange to use genphy_read_lpa()Russell King1-34/+32
2019-12-19net: phy: provide and use genphy_read_status_fixed()Russell King4-47/+41
2019-12-19net: phy: add genphy_check_and_restart_aneg()Russell King2-17/+32
2019-12-19net: phy: use phy_resolve_aneg_pause()Russell King3-14/+3
2019-12-19net: phy: remove redundant .aneg_done initialisersRussell King2-7/+0