AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-08-30net: ethoc: use dev_get_platdata()Jingoo Han1-2/+2
2013-08-30net: dm9000: use dev_get_platdata()Jingoo Han1-1/+1
2013-08-30net: ep93xx_eth: use dev_get_platdata()Jingoo Han1-1/+1
2013-08-30net: bcm63xx_enet: use dev_get_platdata()Jingoo Han1-3/+3
2013-08-30net: au1000_eth: use dev_get_platdata()Jingoo Han1-1/+1
2013-08-30net: bfin_mac: use dev_get_platdata()Jingoo Han1-3/+3
2013-08-30net: ax88796: use dev_get_platdata()Jingoo Han1-1/+1
2013-08-30macvlan: fix typo in assignmentLutz Jaenicke1-1/+1
2013-08-30driver:net:stmmac: Disable DMA store and forward mode if platform data force_thresh_dma_mode is set.Sonic Zhang5-1/+17
2013-08-30ipv6: Remove redundant sk variableThomas Graf1-1/+0
2013-08-30tcp: do not use cached RTT for RTT estimationYuchung Cheng1-33/+11
2013-08-30pkt_sched: fq: prefetch() fixEric Dumazet1-1/+2
2013-08-29drivers:net: Convert dma_alloc_coherent(...__GFP_ZERO) to dma_zalloc_coherentJoe Perches31-153/+135
2013-08-29pkt_sched: fq: Fair Queue packet schedulerEric Dumazet4-0/+848
2013-08-29net: packet: document available fanout policiesDaniel Borkmann1-0/+8
2013-08-29net: packet: use reciprocal_divide in fanout_demux_hashDaniel Borkmann1-1/+1
2013-08-29net: packet: add randomized fanout schedulerDaniel Borkmann2-1/+13
2013-08-29sh_eth: no need to call ether_setup()Sergei Shtylyov1-3/+0
2013-08-29Merge branch 'bond_vlan'David S. Miller6-310/+416
2013-08-29bonding: pr_debug instead of pr_warn in bond_arp_send_allVeaceslav Falico1-8/+6
2013-08-29bonding: remove vlan_list/current_alb_vlanVeaceslav Falico4-143/+2
2013-08-29bonding: make alb_send_learning_packets() use upper dev listVeaceslav Falico2-19/+11
2013-08-29bonding: split alb_send_learning_packets()Veaceslav Falico1-24/+35
2013-08-29bonding: use vlan_uses_dev() in __bond_release_one()Veaceslav Falico1-1/+1
2013-08-29bonding: convert bond_has_this_ip() to use upper devicesVeaceslav Falico1-12/+13
2013-08-29bonding: make bond_arp_send_all use upper device listVeaceslav Falico1-51/+51
2013-08-29bonding: use netdev_upper list in bond_vlan_usedVeaceslav Falico1-1/+14
2013-08-29net: add netdev_for_each_upper_dev_rcu()Veaceslav Falico1-0/+10
2013-08-29net: add netdev_upper_get_next_dev_rcu(dev, iter)Veaceslav Falico1-0/+25
2013-08-29net: remove search_list from netdev_adjacentVeaceslav Falico1-36/+1
2013-08-29net: add lower_dev_list to net_device and make a full meshVeaceslav Falico2-27/+259
2013-08-29net: rename netdev_upper to netdev_adjacentVeaceslav Falico1-12/+12
2013-08-29Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jkirsher/net-nextDavid S. Miller9-90/+239
2013-08-29fec: Use NAPI_POLL_WEIGHTFabio Estevam1-2/+1
2013-08-29net: sctp: sctp_verify_init: clean up mandatory checks and add commentDaniel Borkmann1-14/+12
2013-08-29tcp: TSO packets automatic sizingEric Dumazet7-7/+77
2013-08-29ipv6: drop fragmented ndisc packets by default (RFC 6980)Hannes Frederic Sowa5-0/+35
2013-08-29ARM: at91/dt: fix phy address in sama5xmb to match the reg propertyBoris BREZILLON1-1/+1
2013-08-29net/cadence/macb: fix invalid 0 return if no phy is discovered on mii initBoris BREZILLON1-3/+3
2013-08-29bridge: inherit slave devices needed_headroomFlorian Fainelli1-0/+3
2013-08-29net: sctp: reorder sctp_globals to reduce cacheline usageDaniel Borkmann1-11/+9
2013-08-29net: mdio-sun4i: Convert to devm_* apiJisheng Zhang1-9/+9
2013-08-29ixgbe: add support for older QSFP active DA cablesEmil Tantilov2-10/+50
2013-08-29ixgbe: include QSFP PHY types in ixgbe_is_sfp()Emil Tantilov1-0/+4
2013-08-29ixgbe: add 1Gbps support for QSFP+Emil Tantilov3-11/+33
2013-08-29ixgbe: fix SFF data dumps of SFP+ modules from an offsetEmil Tantilov1-5/+4
2013-08-29ixgbe: cleanup some log messagesDon Skidmore2-5/+3
2013-08-29ixgbe: zero out mailbox buffer on initEmil Tantilov1-2/+2
2013-08-29ixgbe: fix link test when connected to 1Gbps link partnerEmil Tantilov1-17/+10
2013-08-29ixgbe: fix incorrect limit value in ring transverseDon Skidmore1-1/+1