AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2006-01-17[SOUND]: sparc/cs4231: Fix some typos which wrecked the build.David S. Miller1-1/+2
2006-01-17[SPARC]: Fix sbusfb build.David S. Miller2-7/+4
2006-01-17[SPARC]: change if() BUG(); to BUG_ON in iommu.cEric Sesterhenn1-7/+6
2006-01-17[SPARC64]: Eliminate race condition reading Hummingbird STICK registerRichard Mortimer1-11/+11
2006-01-16Linux v2.6.16-rc1Linus Torvalds1-2/+2
2006-01-16Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://brick.kernel.dk/data/git/linux-2.6-blockLinus Torvalds2-2/+273
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove unused code from rioctrl.c (Last for this batch of work)Alan Cox1-110/+1
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove rio_table.c unused codeAlan Cox1-8/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove unused code from rio_linux.cAlan Cox1-60/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove unused CHECK code from riocmd.cAlan Cox1-30/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove unused code from rioroute.hAlan Cox1-24/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove unused code from rioboot.hAlan Cox1-61/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove unused code from riobootAlan Cox1-1152/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove #if 0 and other long dead code from rio_ttyAlan Cox1-583/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove long dead #if 0 code from rio_paramAlan Cox1-43/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove old firmware headers from rio driversAlan Cox4-235/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove rtahw.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-75/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove file riscos.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-63/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove file riowinif.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-1329/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove riotime.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-63/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove file riolocks.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-43/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove proto.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-244/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove poll.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-73/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove mesg.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-41/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove mca.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-73/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove internal firmware building files from rioAlan Cox3-154/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove hosthw.h from rio (unused file)Alan Cox1-55/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove formpkt.h from rio (unused file)Alan Cox1-153/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove enable.h from rio (unused file)Alan Cox1-48/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove enable.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-104/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove debug.h from rio.h (unused file)Alan Cox1-39/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove data.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-40/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove chan.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-33/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove cmd.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-83/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] Remove brates.h from rio driver (unused file)Alan Cox1-106/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] README updatedXose Vazquez Perez1-11/+19
2006-01-16[PATCH] Fix compile warning in bt8xx moduleDmitry Torokhov1-3/+1
2006-01-16[PATCH] kernel/hrtimer.c sparse warning fixIngo Molnar1-1/+2
2006-01-16Merge master.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mchehab/v4l-dvbLinus Torvalds47-969/+1860
2006-01-16[PATCH] x86_64: Fix VSMP buildRavikiran G Thirumalai1-5/+5
2006-01-16[PATCH] x86_64: add __meminit for memory hotplugMatt Tolentino3-8/+20
2006-01-16[PATCH] x86_64: add x86-64 support for memory hot-addMatt Tolentino2-33/+134
2006-01-16[PATCH] x86_64: Flexmap for 32bit and randomized mappings for 64bitAndi Kleen6-2/+115
2006-01-16[PATCH] x86_64: Remove elf32_map in 32bit ELF loaderAndi Kleen1-17/+0
2006-01-16[PATCH] x86_64: eliminate empty_bad_{page,{pte,pmd}_table}Jan Beulich1-71/+37
2006-01-16[PATCH] x86_64: Update defconfigAndi Kleen1-4/+17
2006-01-16[PATCH] md: Clear clevel whenever level is set.NeilBrown1-0/+1
2006-01-16[PATCH] elevator=as back-compatibilityChuck Ebbert1-0/+7
2006-01-16[PATCH] cs89x0: credit Dmitry PervushinLennert Buytenhek1-0/+3
2006-01-16[PATCH] fuse: fix bitfield raceMiklos Szeredi2-3/+23