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2017-10-06ARC: [plat-hsdk]: Add reset controller node to manage ethernet resetEugeniy Paltsev1-0/+9
2017-10-03ARC: [plat-hsdk] use actual clk driver to manage cpu clkEugeniy Paltsev1-2/+9
2017-10-03ARC: [plat-axs10x] sdio: Temporary fix of sdio ciu frequencyEugeniy Paltsev1-1/+8
2017-10-03ARC: [plat-hsdk] sdio: Temporary fix of sdio ciu frequencyEugeniy Paltsev1-1/+11
2017-09-08Merge tag 'arc-4.14-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/vgupta/arcLinus Torvalds5-8/+211
2017-09-01ARC: [plat-hsdk] initial port for HSDK boardAlexey Brodkin1-0/+189
2017-09-01ARC: mm: Decouple RAM base address from kernel link addressEugeniy Paltsev4-4/+4
2017-09-01ARC: [plat-axs103] use clk driver #2: Add core pll node to DT to manage cpu clkEugeniy Paltsev2-4/+18
2017-08-30arc: remove num-slots from arc platformsShawn Lin2-2/+0
2017-08-04ARC: [plat-axs10x]: prepare dts files for enabling PAE40 on axs103Eugeniy Paltsev4-34/+30
2017-04-27arc: axs10x: Fix ARC PGU default clock frequencyJose Abreu1-1/+1
2017-04-27arc: axs10x: Add DT bindings for I2S audio playbackJose Abreu1-4/+18
2017-03-24ARC: vdk: Fix support of UIOAlexey Brodkin1-7/+13
2017-03-05ARC: [dts] add cpu nodes to ARCHS SMP device treeVlad Zakharov1-1/+19
2017-03-05ARC: [dts] add input clocks for cpu nodesVlad Zakharov3-0/+3
2017-02-06ARCv2: intc: Delete useless comments in Device TreesYuriy Kolerov2-2/+0
2017-02-06ARCv2: IDU-intc: Delete deprecated parameters in Device TreesYuriy Kolerov5-67/+14
2017-02-06arc: vdk: Add support of UIOAlexey Brodkin1-0/+8
2017-02-06arc: vdk: Add support of MMC controllerAlexey Brodkin1-0/+18
2016-12-15Merge tag 'arc-4.10-rc1-part1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/vgupta/arcLinus Torvalds4-2/+2
2016-12-14Merge tag 'dmaengine-4.10-rc1' of git://git.infradead.org/users/vkoul/slave-dmaLinus Torvalds1-0/+1
2016-11-30ARC: axs10x: really enable ARC PGUAlexey Brodkin2-2/+2
2016-11-30ARC: rename Zebu platform support to HAPSVineet Gupta2-0/+0
2016-11-30dmaengine: DW DMAC: add multi-block property to device treeEugeniy Paltsev1-0/+1
2016-10-31ARC: Enable PERF_EVENTS in nSIM driven platformsAlexey Brodkin3-2/+6
2016-10-16ARC: [build] Support gz, lzma compressed uImageDaniel Mentz1-2/+14
2016-09-30ARCv2: Add support for ZeBu Emulation platform for HS coresVineet Gupta2-0/+154
2016-09-30arc: Add "model" properly in device tree description of all boardsAlexey Brodkin13-0/+13
2016-07-02Back-merge tag 'v4.7-rc5' into drm-nextDave Airlie15-17/+0
2016-06-13ARC: [nsimosci] Enable ARC PGU on nSIM OSCI virtual platformsAlexey Brodkin3-9/+33
2016-06-13ARCv2: [vdk] Enable ARC PGU on HS38 VDKAlexey Brodkin2-5/+10
2016-05-30arc: Get rid of root core-frequency propertyAlexey Brodkin15-17/+0
2016-05-23Merge branch 'drm-next' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linuxLinus Torvalds4-2/+109
2016-05-19Merge tag 'dmaengine-4.7-rc1' of git://git.infradead.org/users/vkoul/slave-dmaLinus Torvalds1-1/+1
2016-05-18arc: axs103_smp: Fix CPU frequency to 100MHz for dual-coreAlexey Brodkin1-1/+1
2016-05-17Merge branch 'topic-arcpgu-updates' of https://github.com/foss-for-synopsys-dwc-arc-processors/linux into drm-nextDave Airlie4-3/+49
2016-05-13arc: axs10x: Add DT bindings for I2S PLL ClockJose Abreu1-0/+13
2016-05-09ARC: [plat-eznps] Add eznps board defconfig and dtsNoam Camus1-0/+96
2016-05-09ARC: [dts] Introduce Timer bindingsVineet Gupta4-0/+62
2016-05-09ARC: [dts] Add clk feeding into timers to DTsVineet Gupta11-0/+66
2016-05-09ARC: [dts] Rename cpu_intc -> core_intcVineet Gupta7-19/+19
2016-05-09ARCv2: [dts]: Introduce HS38 specific include DTS ...Vineet Gupta11-4/+78
2016-05-09Merge tag 'v4.6-rc7' into drm-nextDave Airlie1-8/+0
2016-05-02dmaengine: dw: revisit data_width propertyAndy Shevchenko1-1/+1
2016-04-29ARC: [axs10x] Specify reserved memory for frame bufferAlexey Brodkin4-3/+49
2016-04-26arc: axs10x - add support of ARC PGUAlexey Brodkin1-0/+61
2016-04-07Revert "ARC: [plat-axs10x] add Ethernet PHY description in .dts"Vineet Gupta1-8/+0
2016-03-17ARC: [plat-axs10x] add Ethernet PHY description in .dtsAlexey Brodkin1-0/+8
2016-03-15arc: [plat-nsimosci*] use ezchip network driverLada Trimasova3-9/+6
2016-03-12ARC: [plat-nsim] document rangesVineet Gupta1-1/+2