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2013-08-09arm64: KVM: add missing dsb before invalidating Stage-2 TLBsMarc Zyngier1-0/+3
2013-08-09arm64: KVM: perform save/restore of PAR_EL1Marc Zyngier2-0/+13
2013-07-04arm64: KVM: Kconfig integrationMarc Zyngier1-0/+51
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: enable initialization of a 32bit vcpuMarc Zyngier2-1/+31
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: 32bit guest fault injectionMarc Zyngier1-1/+78
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: 32bit specific register world switchMarc Zyngier1-0/+70
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: CPU specific 32bit coprocessor accessMarc Zyngier1-0/+10
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: 32bit handling of coprocessor trapsMarc Zyngier2-7/+181
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: 32bit conditional execution emulationMarc Zyngier2-1/+159
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: 32bit GP register accessMarc Zyngier2-1/+169
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: Build system integrationMarc Zyngier1-0/+23
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: PSCI implementationMarc Zyngier1-9/+7
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: Plug the arch timerMarc Zyngier2-0/+68
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: Plug the VGICMarc Zyngier1-0/+88
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: Exit handlingMarc Zyngier1-0/+119
2013-06-12arm64: KVM: HYP mode world switch implementationMarc Zyngier1-0/+617
2013-06-07arm64: KVM: hypervisor initialization codeMarc Zyngier1-0/+107
2013-06-07arm64: KVM: guest one-reg interfaceMarc Zyngier1-0/+259
2013-06-07arm64: KVM: virtual CPU resetMarc Zyngier1-0/+76
2013-06-07arm64: KVM: CPU specific system registers handlingMarc Zyngier1-0/+85
2013-06-07arm64: KVM: system register handlingMarc Zyngier2-0/+1021
2013-06-07arm64: KVM: fault injection into a guestMarc Zyngier1-0/+126