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2008-04-23[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - make sure we check the right L1 lengthMeihui Fan1-1/+1
2008-04-23[Blackfin] arch: add support for the rest of the gptimers on the BF54xMeihui Fan1-8/+16
2008-04-23[Blackfin] arch: relocate MAX_SWITCH_{D,I}_CPLBS from the header to the file where it actually gets used.Mike Frysinger2-11/+23
2008-04-23[Blackfin] arch: MEM_ADD_WIDTH only gets used when reprogramming clocks, so dont bother exposing it in the menu normallyMike Frysinger1-12/+12
2008-04-23[Blackfin] arch: update reboot code to match latest info (really just copy from u-boot)Mike Frysinger1-29/+40
2008-04-23[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - Make the MPU code aware of the async banks and the uncached DMA area.Bernd Schmidt1-19/+27
2008-04-23[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - when using trace buffer with CONFIG_MPU enabled.Bernd Schmidt1-1/+6
2008-04-23[Blackfin] arch: fix up - CONFIG_BLKFIN_WT was renamed CONFIG_BFIN_WT while the MPU code was out-of-tree.Bernd Schmidt2-3/+3
2008-03-26[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - grab locks when not atomicRobin Getz1-4/+4
2008-03-26[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - when we crash, current is not validRobin Getz1-14/+23
2008-03-26[Blackfin] arch: add i2c board info struct and move to new-style i2c interfaceBryan Wu3-0/+99
2008-03-26[Blackfin] arch: fix up gpio code style -- no functional changesMike Frysinger1-47/+39
2008-03-26[Blackfin] arch: dump the stack before printing out an error otherwise the stack dump is useless as it shows us tracing through printkMike Frysinger1-7/+7
2008-03-26[Blackfin] arch: conditionally enable flash resources since it requests the async memory bankMike Frysinger4-0/+20
2008-03-26[Blackfin] arch: add code to initialize globals declared in linux/bootmem.h: max_pfn, max_low_pfn, min_low_pfn.Yi Li1-7/+45
2008-03-26[Blackfin] arch: remove NOTES from linker scriptBernd Schmidt1-2/+0
2008-03-26[Blackfin] arch: add twi resources to CM_BF537 board as reported by Servaes JoordensMike Frysinger1-0/+26
2008-03-07[Blackfin] arch: declare CHECKFLAGS to make sparse output more readableMike Frysinger1-0/+5
2008-03-07[Blackfin] arch: add missing __user marking to ss_sp member of signalstack and a few userspace system functionsMike Frysinger5-16/+19
2008-02-29[Blackfin] arch: turn generic time on by defaultMike Frysinger12-12/+12
2008-02-29[Blackfin] arch: add board bluetechnix kernel defconfigs to kernelMike Frysinger4-0/+3778
2008-02-29[Blackfin] arch: initial generic time and clock sourcesVitja Makarov4-20/+253
2008-04-20[BLACKFIN] minor irq handler cleanupsJeff Garzik1-3/+2
2008-04-17Generic semaphore implementationMatthew Wilcox2-9/+0
2008-03-03[Blackfin] arch: fix atomic and32/xor32 comments and ENDPROC markingsMike Frysinger1-6/+6
2008-03-03[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - allow SDH driver to be used as moduleMichael Hennerich1-2/+2
2008-03-06[Blackfin] arch: to kill syscalls missing warning by adding new timerfd syscallsBryan Wu1-1/+4
2008-02-29[Blackfin] arch: kill section mismatch warningsBryan Wu2-4/+9
2008-02-29[Blackfin] arch: handle the most common L1 shrinkage case (L1 does not exist for a part) so that any parts labeled for L1 instead get placed into external memory sectionsMike Frysinger1-7/+27
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: make sure we have proper description/copyright/license linesMike Frysinger1-4/+4
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: Fix CONFIG_PM support for BF561Michael Hennerich1-4/+2
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: Remove DPMC char driver optionMichael Hennerich1-131/+0
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: Cleanup abd Simplify:Michael Hennerich1-106/+51
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - linux-2.6.24 (delayed) disable IRQ feature not functional for handle_simple_irqMichael Hennerich1-0/+3
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: make sure we export the _bfin_swrst symbol as modules (like the watchdog) need itMike Frysinger1-0/+1
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: punt the simple ad5304 spi driver now that the generic spidev driver lets you do it from userspaceMike Frysinger4-72/+0
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - Move IWR Enable All to the end of init_arch_irq otherwise it failsMichael Hennerich1-4/+10
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: grab mac address from OTP on BF527-EZKITMike Frysinger1-6/+11
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: Fix bug - Setting peripheral_map only when dma channel is UART2/3.Sonic Zhang1-7/+8
2008-02-22[Blackfin] arch: add board resources for new simple-gpio char driverMike Frysinger6-0/+89
2008-02-25[Blackfin] arch: fix bug - set right partition size in the board filesMike Frysinger6-25/+25
2008-02-22[Blackfin] arch: Update default configSonic Zhang6-21/+18
2008-02-22[Blackfin] arch: add fixed code to the memory map outputMike Frysinger1-1/+3
2008-02-22[Blackfin] arch: add handling for the mach symlink in the `make V=1` caseMike Frysinger1-0/+1
2008-02-22[Blackfin] arch: respect `make -s` when creating the asm/mach symlinkMike Frysinger1-1/+3
2008-02-22[Blackfin] arch: fix bug add missing header fileMike Frysinger1-0/+2
2008-02-14d_path: Make d_path() use a struct pathJan Blunck1-7/+5
2008-02-13xtime_lock vs update_process_timesPeter Zijlstra1-3/+5
2008-02-09ide: introduce HAVE_IDESam Ravnborg1-0/+1
2008-02-09[Blackfin] arch: fix build fails only include header files when enabledMike Frysinger3-0/+6