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2009-06-10CRISv32: Add arch optimized strcmp.Jesper Nilsson2-1/+22
2008-10-29[CRIS] Move header files from include to arch/cris/include.Jesper Nilsson1-5/+5
2008-03-04cris: correct usage of __user for copy to and from user space in lib/usercopy and uaccess.hJesper Nilsson1-1/+1
2008-03-04CRIS: Import string.c (memcpy) from newlib: fixes compile error with gcc 4Jesper Nilsson1-154/+171
2008-02-14cris: import memset.c from newlib: fixes compile error with newer (pre4.3) gccJesper Nilsson1-196/+202
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Change lib/spinlock.S to use byte operations instead of dwords.Jesper Nilsson1-5/+5
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Move hw_settings.S to machine specific directories for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3Jesper Nilsson1-72/+0
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Update lib/checksum.S and lib/checksumcopy.SJesper Nilsson2-98/+43
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Add lib/delay to build.Jesper Nilsson1-1/+2
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Add precise delay loops for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3.Jesper Nilsson1-0/+28
2008-02-08CRIS v32: Add new machine dependent files for Etrax-FS and Artpec-3.Jesper Nilsson1-119/+0
2007-10-20spelling fixes: arch/cris/Simon Arlott2-4/+4
2007-10-19Spelling fix: explicitlyJean Delvare1-1/+1
2006-06-30Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>Jörn Engel3-3/+0
2005-07-27[PATCH] CRIS update: new subarchitecture v32Mikael Starvik11-0/+1653