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2021-12-12Linux 5.16-rc5Linus Torvalds1-1/+1
2021-12-12usb: core: config: using bit mask instead of individual bitsPavel Hofman1-2/+2
2021-12-12usb: core: config: fix validation of wMaxPacketValue entriesPavel Hofman1-1/+1
2021-12-12USB: gadget: zero allocate endpoint 0 buffersGreg Kroah-Hartman2-2/+2
2021-12-12USB: gadget: detect too-big endpoint 0 requestsGreg Kroah-Hartman3-1/+40
2021-12-11perf python: Fix NULL vs IS_ERR_OR_NULL() checkingMiaoqian Lin1-1/+1
2021-12-11perf intel-pt: Fix error timestamp setting on the decoder error pathAdrian Hunter1-0/+1
2021-12-11perf intel-pt: Fix missing 'instruction' events with 'q' optionAdrian Hunter1-3/+8
2021-12-11perf intel-pt: Fix next 'err' value, walking traceAdrian Hunter1-0/+1
2021-12-11perf intel-pt: Fix state setting when receiving overflow (OVF) packetAdrian Hunter1-4/+28
2021-12-11perf intel-pt: Fix intel_pt_fup_event() assumptions about setting state typeAdrian Hunter1-19/+13
2021-12-11perf intel-pt: Fix sync state when a PSB (synchronization) packet is foundAdrian Hunter1-1/+1
2021-12-11perf intel-pt: Fix some PGE (packet generation enable/control flow packets) usageAdrian Hunter1-3/+4
2021-12-11perf tools: Prevent out-of-bounds access to registersGerman Gomez2-1/+7
2021-12-10mm: bdi: initialize bdi_min_ratio when bdi is unregisteredManjong Lee1-0/+7
2021-12-10hugetlbfs: fix issue of preallocation of gigantic pages can't workZhenguo Yao1-1/+1
2021-12-10mm/memcg: relocate mod_objcg_mlstate(), get_obj_stock() and put_obj_stock()Waiman Long1-53/+53
2021-12-10mm/slub: fix endianness bug for alloc/free_traces attributesGerald Schaefer1-6/+9
2021-12-10selftests/damon: split test casesSeongJae Park7-112/+129
2021-12-10selftests/damon: test debugfs file reads/writes with huge countSeongJae Park4-0/+61
2021-12-10selftests/damon: test wrong DAMOS condition ranges inputSeongJae Park1-0/+2
2021-12-10selftests/damon: test DAMON enabling with empty target_ids caseSeongJae Park1-0/+9
2021-12-10selftests/damon: skip test if DAMON is runningSeongJae Park1-0/+9
2021-12-10mm/damon/vaddr-test: remove unnecessary variablesSeongJae Park1-8/+0
2021-12-10mm/damon/vaddr-test: split a test function having >1024 bytes frame sizeSeongJae Park1-37/+40
2021-12-10mm/damon/vaddr: remove an unnecessary warning messageSeongJae Park1-1/+0
2021-12-10mm/damon/core: remove unnecessary error messagesSeongJae Park1-9/+2
2021-12-10mm/damon/dbgfs: remove an unnecessary error messageSeongJae Park1-3/+1
2021-12-10mm/damon/core: use better timer mechanisms selection thresholdSeongJae Park1-1/+2
2021-12-10mm/damon/core: fix fake load reports due to uninterruptible sleepsSeongJae Park1-3/+3
2021-12-10timers: implement usleep_idle_range()SeongJae Park2-8/+22
2021-12-10filemap: remove PageHWPoison check from next_uptodate_page()Matthew Wilcox (Oracle)1-2/+0
2021-12-10mailmap: update email address for Guo RenGuo Ren1-0/+2
2021-12-10MAINTAINERS: update kdump maintainersDave Young1-1/+1
2021-12-10Increase default MLOCK_LIMIT to 8 MiBDrew DeVault1-3/+10
2021-12-10i2c: mpc: Use atomic read and fix break conditionChris Packham1-1/+1
2021-12-10io-wq: check for wq exit after adding new worker task_workJens Axboe1-6/+25
2021-12-10io_uring: ensure task_work gets run as part of cancelationsJens Axboe1-2/+4
2021-12-10Revert "mtd_blkdevs: don't scan partitions for plain mtdblock"Jens Axboe1-4/+2
2021-12-10block: fix ioprio_get(IOPRIO_WHO_PGRP) vs setuid(2)Davidlohr Bueso1-0/+3
2021-12-10md: fix double free of mddev->private in autorun_array()zhangyue1-1/+2
2021-12-10md: fix update super 1.0 on rdev size changeMarkus Hochholdinger1-0/+1
2021-12-10nfsd: fix use-after-free due to delegation raceJ. Bruce Fields1-2/+7
2021-12-10nfsd: Fix nsfd startup race (again)Alexander Sverdlin2-7/+8
2021-12-10clocksource/drivers/arm_arch_timer: Force inlining of erratum_set_next_event_generic()Marc Zyngier1-2/+7
2021-12-10clocksource/drivers/dw_apb_timer_of: Fix probe failureAlexey Sheplyakov1-1/+1
2021-12-10selftests: KVM: Add test to verify KVM doesn't explode on "bad" I/OSean Christopherson3-0/+116
2021-12-10KVM: x86: Don't WARN if userspace mucks with RCX during string I/O exitSean Christopherson1-2/+7
2021-12-10KVM: X86: Raise #GP when clearing CR0_PG in 64 bit modeLai Jiangshan1-1/+2
2021-12-10xhci: avoid race between disable slot command and host runtime suspendMathias Nyman3-8/+16