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2019-07-04RDMA/efa: Entropy in admin commands idDaniel Kranzdorf1-21/+23
2019-06-28Merge tag 'v5.2-rc6' into rdma.git for-nextJason Gunthorpe2-12/+34
2019-06-21RDMA/efa: Print address on AH creation failureFiras Jahjah1-1/+2
2019-06-21RDMA/efa: Be consistent with success flow return valueGal Pressman3-5/+7
2019-06-21RDMA/efa: Use API to get contiguous memory blocks aligned to device supported page sizeGal Pressman1-67/+21
2019-06-20RDMA: Check umem pointer validity prior to releaseLeon Romanovsky1-1/+1
2019-06-18RDMA/efa: Handle mmap insertions overflowGal Pressman1-5/+16
2019-06-17RDMA/efa: Fix success return value in case of errorGal Pressman1-6/+18
2019-06-11RDMA: Convert CQ allocations to be under core responsibilityLeon Romanovsky3-37/+17
2019-06-11RDMA: Clean destroy CQ in drivers do not return errorsLeon Romanovsky2-8/+3
2019-06-10RDMA: Move owner into struct ib_device_opsJason Gunthorpe1-1/+1
2019-06-10RDMA: Move uverbs_abi_ver into struct ib_device_opsJason Gunthorpe1-1/+1
2019-06-10RDMA: Move driver_id into struct ib_device_opsJason Gunthorpe1-1/+2
2019-05-29RDMA/efa: Remove unused includesGal Pressman2-3/+0
2019-05-29RDMA/efa: Use rdma block iterator in chunk list creationGal Pressman1-14/+11
2019-05-29RDMA/efa: Remove unneeded admin commands abort flowGal Pressman2-74/+1
2019-05-29RDMA/efa: Use kvzalloc instead of kzalloc with fallbackGal Pressman1-25/+21
2019-05-29RDMA/efa: Remove MAYEXEC flag check from mmap flowGal Pressman1-1/+0
2019-05-21RDMA/efa: Remove check that prevents destroy of resources in error flowsLeon Romanovsky1-24/+0
2019-05-07RDMA/efa: Add driver to Kconfig/MakefileGal Pressman2-0/+24
2019-05-07RDMA/efa: Add the efa moduleGal Pressman1-0/+533
2019-05-07RDMA/efa: Add EFA verbs implementationGal Pressman1-0/+1825
2019-05-06RDMA/efa: Add common command handlersGal Pressman1-0/+692
2019-05-06RDMA/efa: Implement functions that submit and complete admin commandsGal Pressman1-0/+1160
2019-05-06RDMA/efa: Add the com service API definitionsGal Pressman1-0/+270
2019-05-06RDMA/efa: Add the efa_com.h fileGal Pressman1-0/+144
2019-05-06RDMA/efa: Add the efa.h header fileGal Pressman1-0/+163
2019-05-06RDMA/efa: Add EFA device definitionsGal Pressman4-0/+1061