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2019-12-01r8169: fix resume on cable plug-inHeiner Kallweit1-0/+1
2019-12-01r8169: fix jumbo configuration for RTL8168evlHeiner Kallweit1-1/+1
2019-11-30net: emulex: benet: indent a Kconfig depends continuation lineRandy Dunlap1-1/+1
2019-11-30net: ethernet: ti: ale: ensure vlan/mdb deleted when no membersGrygorii Strashko1-3/+9
2019-11-30net/mlx5e: Fix build error without IPV6YueHaibing1-36/+38
2019-11-28net: macb: add missed tasklet_killChuhong Yuan1-0/+1
2019-11-27net: mscc: ocelot: use skb queue instead of skbs listYangbo Lu1-36/+18
2019-11-27net: mscc: ocelot: avoid incorrect consuming in skbs listYangbo Lu1-0/+1
2019-11-26gve: Fix the queue page list allocated pages countJeroen de Borst1-1/+2
2019-11-26ibmvnic: Serialize device queriesThomas Falcon2-5/+51
2019-11-26ibmvnic: Bound waits for device queriesThomas Falcon1-15/+97
2019-11-26ibmvnic: Terminate waiting device threads after loss of serviceThomas Falcon1-0/+9
2019-11-26ibmvnic: Fix completion structure initializationThomas Falcon1-8/+11
2019-11-25enetc: add support Credit Based Shaper(CBS) for hardware offloadPo Liu5-2/+138
2019-11-24mlxsw: spectrum_router: Fix use of uninitialized adjacency indexAmit Cohen1-3/+2
2019-11-24mlxsw: spectrum_router: After underlay moves, demote conflicting tunnelsPetr Machata1-1/+38
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Add support for flashing the device via devlinkVasundhara Volam3-2/+24
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Allow PHY settings on multi-function or NPAR PFs if allowed by FW.Michael Chan3-5/+12
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Add async. event logic for PHY configuration changes.Michael Chan2-0/+11
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Refactor the initialization of the ethtool link settings.Michael Chan1-20/+26
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Skip disabling autoneg before PHY loopback when appropriate.Michael Chan3-3/+10
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Assign more RSS context resources to the VFs.Michael Chan1-2/+6
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Initialize context memory to the value specified by firmware.Michael Chan2-9/+19
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Fix suspend/resume path on 57500 chipsVasundhara Volam1-0/+14
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Send FUNC_RESOURCE_QCAPS command in bnxt_resume()Vasundhara Volam1-2/+10
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Combine 2 functions calling the same HWRM_DRV_RGTR fw command.Vasundhara Volam3-47/+35
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Do driver unregister cleanup in bnxt_init_one() failure path.Vasundhara Volam2-3/+11
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Disable/enable Bus master during suspend/resume.Michael Chan1-0/+8
2019-11-24bnxt_en: Add chip IDs for 57452 and 57454 chips.Michael Chan1-1/+6
2019-11-24sfc: fix build without CONFIG_RFS_ACCELJakub Kicinski1-0/+2
2019-11-23net: phylink: rename mac_link_state() op to mac_pcs_get_state()Russell King6-34/+27
2019-11-23net: use rhashtable_lookup() instead of rhashtable_lookup_fast()Taehee Yoo2-3/+3
2019-11-22sfc: do ARFS expiry work occasionally even without NAPI pollEdward Cree3-8/+12
2019-11-22sfc: add statistics for ARFSEdward Cree3-0/+12
2019-11-22sfc: suppress MCDI errors from ARFSEdward Cree2-6/+30
2019-11-22sfc: change ARFS expiry mechanismEdward Cree4-32/+45
2019-11-22cxgb4: add stats for MQPRIO QoS offload Tx pathRahul Lakkireddy4-1/+28
2019-11-22cxgb4: add UDP segmentation offload supportRahul Lakkireddy6-50/+139
2019-11-22cxgb4/chcr: update SGL DMA unmap for USORahul Lakkireddy3-101/+39
2019-11-22ice: Update FW API minor versionKevin Scott1-1/+1
2019-11-22ice: remove pointless NULL check of port_infoJacob Keller1-2/+1
2019-11-22ice: Implement ethtool ops for channelsHenry Tieman7-19/+335
2019-11-22net/mlx5e: Remove redundant pointer checkEli Cohen1-12/+10
2019-11-22net/mlx5e: TC, Stub out ipv6 tun create header functionSaeed Mahameed2-4/+7
2019-11-22net/mlx5: DR, Add support for Geneve packets SW steeringYevgeny Kliteynik3-0/+83
2019-11-22net/mlx5: DR, Add HW bits and definitions for Geneve flex parserYevgeny Kliteynik1-0/+13
2019-11-22net/mlx5: DR, Refactor VXLAN GPE flex parser tunnel code for SW steeringYevgeny Kliteynik4-57/+66
2019-11-22net/mlx5: Don't write read-only fields in MODIFY_HCA_VPORT_CONTEXT commandLeon Romanovsky1-20/+7
2019-11-22ice: implement VF stats NDOJesse Brandeburg3-0/+57
2019-11-22ice: add helpers for virtchnlJesse Brandeburg1-71/+63