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2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: Fix IPG settingsThomas Bogendoerfer1-2/+2
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: use csum_foldThomas Bogendoerfer1-5/+1
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: use dma-direct for dma allocationsThomas Bogendoerfer1-33/+113
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: refactor rx buffer allocationThomas Bogendoerfer1-50/+45
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: split ring cleaning/freeing and allocationThomas Bogendoerfer1-15/+13
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: introduce chip start functionThomas Bogendoerfer1-20/+29
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: separate tx and rx ring handlingThomas Bogendoerfer1-12/+8
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: get rid of ioc3_clean_rx_ring()Thomas Bogendoerfer1-21/+1
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: allocate space for desc rings only onceThomas Bogendoerfer1-53/+52
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: use defines for constants dealing with desc ringsThomas Bogendoerfer1-18/+24
2019-08-30net: sgi: ioc3-eth: remove checkpatch errors/warningThomas Bogendoerfer1-145/+130
2019-08-30MIPS: SGI-IP27: restructure ioc3 register accessThomas Bogendoerfer1-233/+185
2019-08-30wimax/i2400m: remove debug containing bogus calculation of indexColin Ian King1-7/+2
2019-08-29net: spider_net: Use struct_size() helperGustavo A. R. Silva1-4/+2
2019-08-29r8169: add support for EEE on RTL8125Heiner Kallweit1-0/+24
2019-08-29r8169: add RTL8125 PHY initializationHeiner Kallweit1-3/+127
2019-08-29r8169: add support for RTL8125Heiner Kallweit2-18/+265
2019-08-29r8169: don't use bit LastFrag in tx descriptor after sendHeiner Kallweit1-1/+1
2019-08-29r8169: read common register for PCI commitHeiner Kallweit1-1/+1
2019-08-29r8169: move disabling interrupt coalescing to RTL8169/RTL8168 initHeiner Kallweit1-2/+6
2019-08-29r8169: factor out reading MAC address from registersHeiner Kallweit1-3/+10
2019-08-29r8169: restrict rtl_is_8168evl_up to RTL8168 chip versionsHeiner Kallweit1-1/+2
2019-08-29r8169: change interrupt mask type to u32Heiner Kallweit1-5/+11
2019-08-29net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: fix freeing unused SERDES IRQVivien Didelot1-1/+2
2019-08-29net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: keep CMODE writable code privateVivien Didelot4-11/+8
2019-08-29net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: get serdes lane after lockVivien Didelot1-2/+4
2019-08-29net: hns3: not allow SSU loopback while execute ethtool -t devYufeng Mo4-2/+75
2019-08-29net: hns3: check reset interrupt status when reset failsHuazhong Tan2-4/+4
2019-08-29net: hns3: add phy selftest functionYufeng Mo2-19/+138
2019-08-29net: hns3: implement .process_hw_error for hns3 clientWeihang Li7-2/+78
2019-08-29net: hns3: optimize waiting time for TQP resetZhongzhu Liu2-5/+7
2019-08-29net: hns3: fix incorrect type in assignment.Guojia Liao2-18/+30
2019-08-29net: hns3: make some reusable codes into a functionYonglong Liu1-26/+28
2019-08-29net: hns3: optimize some log printingsYufeng Mo3-29/+30
2019-08-29net: hns3: reduce the parameters of some functionsGuojia Liao1-14/+14
2019-08-29net: hns3: modify base parameter of kstrtouint in hclge_dbg_dump_tm_mapHuazhong Tan1-3/+4
2019-08-29net: hns3: use macro instead of magic numberHuazhong Tan2-3/+6
2019-08-29net: hns3: code optimization for debugfs related to "dump reg"Zhongzhu Liu2-110/+132
2019-08-29dpaa2-eth: Add pause frame supportIoana Radulescu6-13/+177
2019-08-29dpaa2-eth: Use stored link settingsIoana Radulescu2-14/+7
2019-08-29dpaa2-eth: Remove support for changing link settingsIoana Radulescu1-50/+1
2019-08-28mlxsw: spectrum_ptp: Add counters for GC eventsPetr Machata4-1/+132
2019-08-28mlxsw: Bump firmware version to 13.2000.1886Ido Schimmel1-1/+1
2019-08-28mlxsw: spectrum: Prevent auto negotiation on number of lanesShalom Toledo2-20/+77
2019-08-28mlxsw: Remove 56G speed supportAmit Cohen3-31/+0
2019-08-28net: phy: force phy suspend when calling phy_stopJian Shen1-1/+1
2019-08-28phy: mdio-sun4i: use devm_platform_ioremap_resource() to simplify codeYueHaibing1-3/+1
2019-08-28phy: mdio-mux-meson-g12a: use devm_platform_ioremap_resource() to simplify codeYueHaibing1-3/+1
2019-08-28phy: mdio-moxart: use devm_platform_ioremap_resource() to simplify codeYueHaibing1-3/+1
2019-08-28phy: mdio-hisi-femac: use devm_platform_ioremap_resource() to simplify codeYueHaibing1-3/+1