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2015-12-15stmmac: socfpga: Provide dt node to config ptp clk source.Phil Reid1-0/+9
2015-12-15stmmac: Fix calculations for ptp counters when clock input = 50Mhz.Phil Reid3-15/+15
2015-12-15stmmac: create of compatible mdio bus for stmmac driverPhil Reid2-4/+24
2015-12-15net: Eliminate NETIF_F_GEN_CSUM and NETIF_F_V[46]_CSUMTom Herbert2-2/+2
2015-12-15net: Rename NETIF_F_ALL_CSUM to NETIF_F_CSUM_MASKTom Herbert18-25/+24
2015-12-15fcoe: Use CHECKSUM_PARTIAL to indicate CRC offloadTom Herbert1-1/+1
2015-12-15sctp: Rename NETIF_F_SCTP_CSUM to NETIF_F_SCTP_CRCTom Herbert5-7/+7
2015-12-15ravb: Add fixed-link supportKazuya Mizuguchi1-0/+12
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Add support for VLAN devices on top of LAGIdo Schimmel1-3/+29
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Enable FDB records for VLAN devices on top of LAGIdo Schimmel1-7/+14
2015-12-15mlxsw: reg: Add lag_vid field to SFD registerIdo Schimmel2-2/+10
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Add support for VLAN devices bridgingIdo Schimmel3-1/+378
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Handle VLAN devices linking / unlinkingIdo Schimmel1-3/+51
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Adjust FDB notifications for VLAN devicesIdo Schimmel2-4/+61
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Adjust switchdev ops for VLAN devicesIdo Schimmel2-4/+98
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Use FID instead of VID when accessing FDBIdo Schimmel2-28/+34
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Add another flood table for vFIDsIdo Schimmel3-27/+16
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Use appropriate parameter nameIdo Schimmel1-4/+4
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Split vFID range in twoIdo Schimmel3-99/+287
2015-12-15mlxsw: spectrum: Allocate active VLANs only for port netdevsIdo Schimmel2-1/+11
2015-12-15Merge branch '1GbE' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jkirsher/next-queueDavid S. Miller11-179/+120
2015-12-14e1000e: Fix msi-x interrupt automaskBenjamin Poirier1-6/+5
2015-12-14e1000e: Do not write lsc to ics in msi-x modeBenjamin Poirier2-12/+19
2015-12-14e1000e: Do not read ICR in Other interruptBenjamin Poirier1-15/+7
2015-12-14e1000e: Remove unreachable codeBenjamin Poirier1-6/+0
2015-12-14net/macb: add support for resetting PHY using GPIOGregory CLEMENT2-0/+9
2015-12-14igb: Explicitly label self-test result indicesJoe Schultz1-14/+24
2015-12-14igb: Improve cable length function for I210, etc.Joe Schultz3-9/+51
2015-12-14igb: Don't add PHY address to PCDL addressAaron Sierra1-2/+1
2015-12-14Merge branch 'for-upstream' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bluetooth/bluetooth-nextDavid S. Miller10-201/+1457
2015-12-14wan: wanxl: add pci_disable_device in case of errorSaurabh Sengar1-0/+1
2015-12-14ppp: declare ppp devices as enumerated interfacesGuillaume Nault1-2/+1
2015-12-14ppp: define "ppp" device typeGuillaume Nault1-0/+6
2015-12-14qeth: get rid of redundant 0-terminationRasmus Villemoes1-2/+0
2015-12-14qeth: repair SBAL elements calculationUrsula Braun1-1/+1
2015-12-14qeth: initialize net_device with carrier offUrsula Braun2-0/+2
2015-12-14qeth use common function qeth_get_setassparms_cmdThomas Richter3-33/+17
2015-12-14s390-ctcm: Delete unnecessary checks before the function call "channel_remove"Markus Elfring1-5/+2
2015-12-14ravb: clear RIC1 in init instead of stopKazuya Mizuguchi1-2/+3
2015-12-14igb: Remove GS40G specific defines/functionsAaron Sierra5-106/+11
2015-12-14e1000e: Switch e1000e_up to void, drop code checking for error resultAlexander Duyck2-12/+5
2015-12-14drivers/net: fix eisa_driver probe section mismatchFabian Frederick4-4/+4
2015-12-14hv_netvsc: Fix race condition on Multi-Send Data fieldHaiyang Zhang1-0/+9
2015-12-13geneve: UDP checksum configuration via netlinkTom Herbert1-23/+70
2015-12-13fm10k: initialize xps at driver loadJacob Keller2-2/+19
2015-12-13fm10k: cleanup overly long linesBruce Allan6-23/+33
2015-12-13fm10k: cleanup namespace pollutionBruce Allan4-20/+13
2015-12-13fm10k: use BIT() macro instead of open-coded bit-shiftingBruce Allan2-2/+2
2015-12-13fm10k: whitespace cleanupsBruce Allan7-9/+11
2015-12-13fm10k: do not inline fm10k_iov_select_vid()Bruce Allan1-1/+1