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2021-11-09ramfs: fix mount source show for ramfsyangerkun1-4/+7
2021-10-18mm: don't include <linux/blk-cgroup.h> in <linux/backing-dev.h>Christoph Hellwig1-0/+1
2021-06-29fs: move ramfs_aops to libfsChristoph Hellwig1-8/+1
2021-02-24ramfs: support O_TMPFILEAlexey Dobriyan1-0/+13
2021-01-24fs: make helpers idmap mount awareChristian Brauner1-6/+10
2021-01-24inode: make init and permission helpers idmapped mount awareChristian Brauner1-1/+1
2020-02-07fs_parse: fold fs_parameter_desc/fs_parameter_specAl Viro1-7/+3
2020-02-07fs_parser: remove fs_parameter_description name fieldEric Sandeen1-1/+0
2019-09-12vfs: Convert ramfs, shmem, tmpfs, devtmpfs, rootfs to use the new mount APIDavid Howells1-41/+58
2019-09-05make ramfs_fill_super() staticAl Viro1-1/+1
2019-07-04init_rootfs(): don't bother with init_ramfs_fs()Al Viro1-5/+1
2017-07-06ramfs: Implement show_optionsDavid Howells1-11/+21
2016-12-24Replace <asm/uaccess.h> with <linux/uaccess.h> globallyLinus Torvalds1-1/+1
2016-09-27fs: Replace CURRENT_TIME with current_time() for inode timestampsDeepa Dinamani1-3/+3
2016-09-27fs: rename "rename2" i_op to "rename"Miklos Szeredi1-1/+1
2016-09-27libfs: support RENAME_NOREPLACE in simple_rename()Miklos Szeredi1-1/+1
2016-04-04mm, fs: get rid of PAGE_CACHE_* and page_cache_{get,release} macrosKirill A. Shutemov1-2/+2
2015-12-08don't put symlink bodies in pagecache into highmemAl Viro1-0/+1
2015-01-20fs: remove mapping->backing_dev_infoChristoph Hellwig1-1/+0
2015-01-20fs: introduce f_op->mmap_capabilities for nommu mmap supportChristoph Hellwig1-20/+2
2014-01-23fs/ramfs: move ramfs_aops to inode.cAxel Lin1-0/+7
2014-01-21fs/ramfs: don't use module_init for non-modular core codePaul Gortmaker1-1/+1
2013-09-11initmpfs: move rootfs code from fs/ramfs/ to init/Rob Landley1-31/+1
2013-09-11initmpfs: move bdi setup from init_rootfs to init_ramfsRob Landley1-6/+19
2013-09-11initmpfs: replace MS_NOUSER in initramfsRob Landley1-1/+6
2013-01-26userns: Allow the userns root to mount ramfs.Eric W. Biederman1-0/+1
2012-07-14don't pass nameidata to ->create()Al Viro1-1/+1
2012-03-20tidy up after d_make_root() conversionAl Viro1-14/+6
2012-03-20switch open-coded instances of d_make_root() to new helperAl Viro1-10/+2
2012-01-03pohmelfs: propagate umode_tAl Viro1-1/+1
2012-01-03switch ->mknod() to umode_tAl Viro1-1/+1
2012-01-03switch ->create() to umode_tAl Viro1-1/+1
2012-01-03switch vfs_mkdir() and ->mkdir() to umode_tAl Viro1-1/+1
2011-11-02ramfs: remove module leftoversRichard Weinberger1-10/+0
2010-10-29convert get_sb_nodev() usersAl Viro1-9/+8
2010-10-25fs: do not assign default i_ino in new_inodeChristoph Hellwig1-0/+1
2010-05-21ramfs: replace inode uid,gid,mode initialization with helper functionDmitry Monakhov1-14/+6
2010-05-21devtmpfs: support !CONFIG_TMPFSPeter Korsgaard1-1/+1
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking implicit slab.h inclusion from percpu.hTejun Heo1-0/+1
2009-09-23ramfs: move RAMFS_MAGIC to include/linux/magic.hmaximilian attems1-3/+1
2009-09-11writeback: add name to backing_dev_infoJens Axboe1-0/+1
2009-06-14ramfs: ignore unknown mount optionsMike Frysinger1-3/+6
2009-04-07ramfs: fix double freeing s_fs_info on failed mountIngo Molnar1-8/+11
2009-04-01ramfs: add support for "mode=" mount optionWu Fengguang1-8/+86
2009-01-05zero i_uid/i_gid on inode allocationAl Viro1-1/+0
2008-11-14CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the RAMFS filesystemDavid Howells1-2/+2
2008-10-20Ramfs and Ram Disk pages are unevictableLee Schermerhorn1-0/+1
2008-04-30mm: bdi: add separate writeback accounting capabilityMiklos Szeredi1-1/+1
2007-10-17mm: bdi init hooksPeter Zijlstra1-1/+11
2007-07-17Add __GFP_MOVABLE for callers to flag allocations from high memory that may be migratedMel Gorman1-0/+1