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2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: ctnetlink: avoid unneccessary event message generationPatrick McHardy3-6/+14
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: x_tables: replace IPv4/IPv6 policy match by address family independant versionPatrick McHardy9-370/+220
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: Move ip6_masked_addrcmp to include/net/ipv6.hPatrick McHardy2-19/+6
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: x_tables: add xt_{match,target} arguments to match/target functionsPatrick McHardy69-29/+160
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: x_tables: pass registered match/target data to match/target functionsPatrick McHardy4-17/+22
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: Convert x_tables matches/targets to centralized error checkingPatrick McHardy23-511/+167
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: Convert ip6_tables matches/targets to centralized error checkingPatrick McHardy16-165/+47
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: Convert arp_tables targets to centralized error checkingPatrick McHardy2-6/+8
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: Convert ip_tables matches/targets to centralized error checkingPatrick McHardy28-390/+103
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: Change {ip,ip6,arp}_tables to use centralized error checkingPatrick McHardy3-13/+50
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: xt_tables: add centralized error checkingPatrick McHardy1-7/+65
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: use ipv6_addr_equal in nf_ct_reasmYasuyuki Kozakai1-4/+4
2006-03-20[NETFILTER]: Fix CID offset bug in PPTP NAT helper debug messageHolger Eitzenberger1-3/+5
2006-03-20[DCCP] CCID2: Drop sock reference count on timer expiration and reset.Andrea Bittau1-11/+15
2006-03-20[NETFILTER] nf_conntrack: clean up to reduce size of 'struct nf_conn'Harald Welte7-116/+114
2006-03-20[TCP]: MTU probingJohn Heffner6-37/+302
2006-03-20[IPV4] fib_rules.c: make struct fib_rules static againAdrian Bunk1-1/+1
2006-03-20[IPCOMP6]: don't check vfree() argument for NULL.Jesper Juhl1-2/+2
2006-03-20[DCCP]: Initial feature negotiation implementationAndrea Bittau10-5/+813
2006-03-20[DCCP] CCID2: Initial CCID2 (TCP-Like) implementationAndrea Bittau6-3/+952
2006-03-20[DCCP] CCID3: Set the no_feedback_timer fields near init_timerArnaldo Carvalho de Melo1-2/+3
2006-03-20[DCCP]: Don't alloc ack vector for the control sockArnaldo Carvalho de Melo1-6/+5
2006-03-20[DCCP] ackvec: Delete all the ack vector records in dccp_ackvec_freeArnaldo Carvalho de Melo1-1/+11
2006-03-20[DCCP] CCID: Allow ccid_{init,exit} to be NULLArnaldo Carvalho de Melo2-15/+1
2006-03-20[DCCP] ackvec: Introduce ack vector recordsAndrea Bittau2-98/+173
2006-03-20[IPV4]: Use RCU locking in fib_rules.Robert Olsson1-45/+68
2006-03-20[DCCP] ackvec: Introduce dccp_ackvec_slabArnaldo Carvalho de Melo3-3/+52
2006-03-20[DCCP]: Fix error handling in dccp_initArnaldo Carvalho de Melo1-1/+3
2006-03-20[DCCP] ackvec: Ditch dccpav_buf_lenArnaldo Carvalho de Melo4-25/+15
2006-03-20[NETFILTER] nfnetlink_log: add sequence numbers for log eventsHarald Welte1-0/+46
2006-03-20[NET]: Do not lose accepted socket when -ENFILE/-EMFILE.David S. Miller1-42/+71
2006-03-20[VLAN]: translate IF_OPER_DORMANT to netif_dormant_on()Stefan Rompf1-16/+27
2006-03-20[NET] core: add RFC2863 operstateStefan Rompf4-3/+142
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Ensure to accept redirects from nexthop for the target.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-43/+47
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Add accept_ra_rt_info_max_plen sysctl.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki2-1/+22
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Flag RTF_DEFAULT for Route Infomation for ::/0.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-0/+3
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Add experimental support for Route Information Option in RA (RFC4191).YOSHIFUJI Hideaki3-1/+166
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Add router_probe_interval sysctl.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki2-1/+13
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Add accept_ra_rtr_pref sysctl.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki2-1/+21
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Add Router Reachability Probing (RFC4191).YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-0/+39
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Add support for Router Preference (RFC4191).YOSHIFUJI Hideaki3-4/+30
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Handle finding the next best route in reachability in BACKTRACK().YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-10/+18
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Try finding the next best route.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-1/+1
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Clean up rt6_select() code path in ip6_route_{intput,output}().YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-26/+7
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Try selecting better route for non-default routes as well.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-5/+13
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: More strict check for default routers in rt6_get_dflt_router().YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-0/+1
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Eliminate lock for default route pointer.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki2-129/+69
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Clean-up cow'ing in ip6_route_{intput,output}().YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-53/+60
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Convert rt6_cow() to rt6_alloc_cow().YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-32/+25
2006-03-20[IPV6]: ROUTE: Clean up reference counting / unlocking for returning object.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki1-14/+15