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2019-01-20coding-style: Clarify the expectations around boolJason Gunthorpe1-13/+0
There has been some confusion since checkpatch started warning about bool use in structures, and people have been avoiding using it. Many people feel there is still a legitimate place for bool in structures, so provide some guidance on bool usage derived from the entire thread that spawned the checkpatch warning. Link: https://lkml.kernel.org/r/CA+55aFwVZk1OfB9T2v014PTAKFhtVan_Zj2dOjnCy3x6E4UJfA@mail.gmail.com Signed-off-by: Joe Perches <joe@perches.com> Acked-by: Joe Perches <joe@perches.com> Reviewed-by: Bart Van Assche <bvanassche@acm.org> Acked-by: Jani Nikula <jani.nikula@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Joey Pabalinas <joeypabalinas@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@mellanox.com> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Corbet <corbet@lwn.net>
2019-01-20gcc-plugins: arm_ssp_per_task_plugin: fix for GCC 9+Ard Biesheuvel1-0/+18
GCC 9 reworks the way the references to the stack canary are emitted, to prevent the value from being spilled to the stack before the final comparison in the epilogue, defeating the purpose, given that the spill slot is under control of the attacker that we are protecting ourselves from. Since our canary value address is obtained without accessing memory (as opposed to pre-v7 code that will obtain it from a literal pool), it is unlikely (although not guaranteed) that the compiler will spill the canary value in the same way, so let's just disable this improvement when building with GCC9+. Signed-off-by: Ard Biesheuvel <ard.biesheuvel@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Kees Cook <keescook@chromium.org>
2019-01-20gcc-plugins: arm_ssp_per_task_plugin: sign extend the SP maskArd Biesheuvel1-2/+3
The ARM per-task stack protector GCC plugin hits an assert in the compiler in some case, due to the fact the the SP mask expression is not sign-extended as it should be. So fix that. Suggested-by: Kugan Vivekanandarajah <kugan.vivekanandarajah@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Ard Biesheuvel <ard.biesheuvel@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Kees Cook <keescook@chromium.org>
2019-01-16kernel-doc: suppress 'not described' warnings for embedded struct fieldsJonathan Corbet1-1/+1
The ability to add kerneldoc comments for fields in embedded structures is useful, but it brought along a whole bunch of warnings for fields that could not be described before. In many cases, there's little value in adding docs for these nested fields, and in cases like: struct a { struct b { int c; } d, e; }; "c" would have to be described twice (as d.c and e.c) to make the warnings go away. We can no doubt do something smarter, but simply suppressing the warnings for this case removes about 70 warnings from the docs build, freeing us to focus on the ones that matter more. So make kerneldoc be silent about missing descriptions for any field containing a ".". Signed-off-by: Jonathan Corbet <corbet@lwn.net>
2019-01-16scripts/spdxcheck.py: Handle special quotation mark commentsThomas Gleixner1-1/+7
The SuperH boot code files use a magic format for the SPDX identifier comment: LIST "SPDX-License-Identifier: .... " The trailing quotation mark is not stripped before the token parser is invoked and causes the scan to fail. Handle it gracefully. Fixes: 6a0abce4c4cc ("sh: include: convert to SPDX identifiers") Signed-off-by: Thomas Gleixner <tglx@linutronix.de> Cc: Kuninori Morimoto <kuninori.morimoto.gx@renesas.com> Cc: Simon Horman <horms+renesas@verge.net.au> Cc: Yoshinori Sato <ysato@users.sourceforge.jp> Cc: Rich Felker <dalias@libc.org> Cc: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Cc: Kate Stewart <kstewart@linuxfoundation.org> Reviewed-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@linuxfoundation.org> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Corbet <corbet@lwn.net>
2019-01-14kbuild: remove unused baseprereqMasahiro Yamada1-4/+0
Commit eea199b445f6 ("kbuild: remove unnecessary LEX_PREFIX and YACC_PREFIX") removed the last users of this macro. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-14kconfig: clean generated *conf-cfg filesMasahiro Yamada1-1/+1
I accidentally dropped '*' in the previous renaming patch. Revive it so that 'make mrproper' can clean the generated files. Fixes: d86271af6460 ("kconfig: rename generated .*conf-cfg to *conf-cfg") Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-09x86, modpost: Replace last remnants of RETPOLINE with CONFIG_RETPOLINEWANG Chao1-1/+1
Commit 4cd24de3a098 ("x86/retpoline: Make CONFIG_RETPOLINE depend on compiler support") replaced the RETPOLINE define with CONFIG_RETPOLINE checks. Remove the remaining pieces. [ bp: Massage commit message. ] Fixes: 4cd24de3a098 ("x86/retpoline: Make CONFIG_RETPOLINE depend on compiler support") Signed-off-by: WANG Chao <chao.wang@ucloud.cn> Signed-off-by: Borislav Petkov <bp@suse.de> Reviewed-by: Zhenzhong Duan <zhenzhong.duan@oracle.com> Reviewed-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com> Cc: "H. Peter Anvin" <hpa@zytor.com> Cc: Andi Kleen <ak@linux.intel.com> Cc: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Cc: Andy Lutomirski <luto@kernel.org> Cc: Arnd Bergmann <arnd@arndb.de> Cc: Daniel Borkmann <daniel@iogearbox.net> Cc: David Woodhouse <dwmw@amazon.co.uk> Cc: Geert Uytterhoeven <geert@linux-m68k.org> Cc: Jessica Yu <jeyu@kernel.org> Cc: Jiri Kosina <jkosina@suse.cz> Cc: Kees Cook <keescook@chromium.org> Cc: Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk <konrad.wilk@oracle.com> Cc: Luc Van Oostenryck <luc.vanoostenryck@gmail.com> Cc: Michal Marek <michal.lkml@markovi.net> Cc: Miguel Ojeda <miguel.ojeda.sandonis@gmail.com> Cc: Peter Zijlstra <peterz@infradead.org> Cc: Tim Chen <tim.c.chen@linux.intel.com> Cc: Vasily Gorbik <gor@linux.ibm.com> Cc: linux-kbuild@vger.kernel.org Cc: srinivas.eeda@oracle.com Cc: stable <stable@vger.kernel.org> Cc: x86-ml <x86@kernel.org> Link: https://lkml.kernel.org/r/20181210163725.95977-1-chao.wang@ucloud.cn
2019-01-08dma-mapping: remove dma_zalloc_coherent()Luis Chamberlain2-14/+5
dma_zalloc_coherent() is no longer needed as it has no users because dma_alloc_coherent() already zeroes out memory for us. The Coccinelle grammar rule that used to check for dma_alloc_coherent() + memset() is modified so that it just tells the user that the memset is not needed anymore. Suggested-by: Christoph Hellwig <hch@lst.de> Signed-off-by: Luis Chamberlain <mcgrof@kernel.org> Signed-off-by: Christoph Hellwig <hch@lst.de>
2019-01-06kconfig: rename generated .*conf-cfg to *conf-cfgMasahiro Yamada2-18/+19
Remove the dot-prefixing since it is just a matter of the .gitignore file. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-06kbuild: use assignment instead of define ... endef for filechk_* rulesMasahiro Yamada2-7/+5
You do not have to use define ... endef for filechk_* rules. For simple cases, the use of assignment looks cleaner, IMHO. I updated the usage for scripts/Kbuild.include in case somebody misunderstands the 'define ... endif' is the requirement. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com> Acked-by: Heiko Carstens <heiko.carstens@de.ibm.com>
2019-01-06kbuild: generate asm-generic wrappers if mandatory headers are missingMasahiro Yamada2-7/+4
Some time ago, Sam pointed out a certain degree of overwrap between generic-y and mandatory-y. (https://lkml.org/lkml/2017/7/10/121) I tweaked the meaning of mandatory-y a little bit; now it defines the minimum set of ASM headers that all architectures must have. If arch does not have specific implementation of a mandatory header, Kbuild will let it fallback to the asm-generic one by automatically generating a wrapper. This will allow to drop lots of redundant generic-y defines. Previously, "mandatory" was used in the context of UAPI, but I guess this can be extended to kernel space ASM headers. Suggested-by: Sam Ravnborg <sam@ravnborg.org> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com> Acked-by: Sam Ravnborg <sam@ravnborg.org>
2019-01-06kbuild: change filechk to surround the given command with { }Masahiro Yamada2-3/+2
filechk_* rules often consist of multiple 'echo' lines. They must be surrounded with { } or ( ) to work correctly. Otherwise, only the string from the last 'echo' would be written into the target. Let's take care of that in the 'filechk' in scripts/Kbuild.include to clean up filechk_* rules. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-06kbuild: remove redundant target cleaning on failureMasahiro Yamada1-14/+7
Since commit 9c2af1c7377a ("kbuild: add .DELETE_ON_ERROR special target"), the target file is automatically deleted on failure. The boilerplate code ... || { rm -f $@; false; } is unneeded. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-06kbuild: clean up rule_dtc_dt_yamlMasahiro Yamada1-2/+2
Commit 3a2429e1faf4 ("kbuild: change if_changed_rule for multi-line recipe") and commit 4f0e3a57d6eb ("kbuild: Add support for DT binding schema checks") came in via different sub-systems. This is a follow-up cleanup. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-06kbuild: remove UIMAGE_IN and UIMAGE_OUTMasahiro Yamada1-4/+2
The only/last user of UIMAGE_IN/OUT was removed by commit 4722a3e6b716 ("microblaze: fix multiple bugs in arch/microblaze/boot/Makefile"). The input and output should always be $< and $@. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-06jump_label: move 'asm goto' support test to KconfigMasahiro Yamada1-1/+1
Currently, CONFIG_JUMP_LABEL just means "I _want_ to use jump label". The jump label is controlled by HAVE_JUMP_LABEL, which is defined like this: #if defined(CC_HAVE_ASM_GOTO) && defined(CONFIG_JUMP_LABEL) # define HAVE_JUMP_LABEL #endif We can improve this by testing 'asm goto' support in Kconfig, then make JUMP_LABEL depend on CC_HAS_ASM_GOTO. Ugly #ifdef HAVE_JUMP_LABEL will go away, and CONFIG_JUMP_LABEL will match to the real kernel capability. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com> Acked-by: Michael Ellerman <mpe@ellerman.id.au> (powerpc) Tested-by: Sedat Dilek <sedat.dilek@gmail.com>
2019-01-06kallsyms: lower alignment on ARMMathias Krause1-2/+2
As mentioned in the info pages of gas, the '.align' pseudo op's interpretation of the alignment value is architecture specific. It might either be a byte value or taken to the power of two. On ARM it's actually the latter which leads to unnecessary large alignments of 16 bytes for 32 bit builds or 256 bytes for 64 bit builds. Fix this by switching to '.balign' instead which is consistent across all architectures. Signed-off-by: Mathias Krause <minipli@googlemail.com> Cc: Catalin Marinas <catalin.marinas@arm.com> Cc: Will Deacon <will.deacon@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-06scripts: coccinelle: boolinit: drop warnings on named constantsJulia Lawall1-0/+5
Coccinelle doesn't always have access to the values of named (#define) constants, and they may likely often be bound to true and false values anyway, resulting in false positives. So stop warning about them. Signed-off-by: Julia Lawall <Julia.Lawall@lip6.fr> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-06scripts: coccinelle: check for redeclarationJulia Lawall1-0/+3
Avoid reporting on the use of an iterator index variable when the variable is redeclared. Signed-off-by: Julia Lawall <Julia.Lawall@lip6.fr> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-06kconfig: remove unused "file" field of yylval unionMasahiro Yamada1-1/+0
This has never been used. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2019-01-04checkpatch: add Co-developed-by to signature tagsJorge Ramirez-Ortiz1-0/+1
As per Documentation/process/submitting-patches, Co-developed-by is a valid signature. This commit removes the warning. Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/1544808928-20002-3-git-send-email-jorge.ramirez-ortiz@linaro.org Signed-off-by: Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz <jorge.ramirez-ortiz@linaro.org> Cc: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@linuxfoundation.org> Cc: Himanshu Jha <himanshujha199640@gmail.com> Cc: Joe Perches <joe@perches.com> Cc: Jonathan Cameron <jic23@kernel.org> Cc: Jonathan Corbet <corbet@lwn.net> Cc: Niklas Cassel <niklas.cassel@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2019-01-04scripts/gdb: fix lx-version string outputDu Changbin1-1/+1
A bug is present in GDB which causes early string termination when parsing variables. This has been reported [0], but we should ensure that we can support at least basic printing of the core kernel strings. For current gdb version (has been tested with 7.3 and 8.1), 'lx-version' only prints one character. (gdb) lx-version L(gdb) This can be fixed by casting 'linux_banner' as (char *). (gdb) lx-version Linux version 4.19.0-rc1+ (changbin@acer) (gcc version 7.3.0 (Ubuntu 7.3.0-16ubuntu3)) #21 SMP Sat Sep 1 21:43:30 CST 2018 [0] https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=20077 [kbingham@kernel.org: add detail to commit message] Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20181111162035.8356-1-kieran.bingham@ideasonboard.com Fixes: 2d061d999424 ("scripts/gdb: add version command") Signed-off-by: Du Changbin <changbin.du@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Kieran Bingham <kbingham@kernel.org> Acked-by: Jan Kiszka <jan.kiszka@siemens.com> Cc: Jan Kiszka <jan.kiszka@siemens.com> Cc: Jason Wessel <jason.wessel@windriver.com> Cc: Daniel Thompson <daniel.thompson@linaro.org> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2019-01-04checkpatch: warn on const char foo[] = "bar"; declarationsJoe Perches1-2/+11
These declarations should generally be static const to avoid poor compilation and runtime performance where compilers tend to initialize the const declaration for every call instead of using .rodata for the string. Miscellanea: - Convert spaces to tabs for indentation in 2 adjacent checks Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/10ea5f4b087dc911e41e187a4a2b5e79c7529aa3.camel@perches.com Signed-off-by: Joe Perches <joe@perches.com> Cc: Rasmus Villemoes <linux@rasmusvillemoes.dk> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2018-12-28scripts/tags.sh: add more declarationsKirill Tkhai1-2/+11
New declarations and identifier (__always_inline). Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/154505048571.504.18330420599768007443.stgit@localhost.localdomain Signed-off-by: Kirill Tkhai <ktkhai@virtuozzo.com> Cc: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com> Cc: Constantine Shulyupin <const@MakeLinux.com> Cc: Kirill Tkhai <ktkhai@virtuozzo.com> Cc: Joey Pabalinas <joeypabalinas@gmail.com> Cc: Matthew Wilcox <willy@infradead.org> Cc: Arend van Spriel <arend.vanspriel@broadcom.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2018-12-28scripts: add spdxcheck.py self testThierry Reding1-0/+12
Add a script that will run spdxcheck.py through a couple of self tests to simplify validation in the future. The tests are run for both Python 2 and Python 3 to make sure all changes to the script remain compatible across both versions. The script tests a regular text file (Makefile) for basic sanity checks and then runs it on a binary file (Documentation/logo.gif) to make sure it works in both cases. It also tests opening files passed on the command line as well as piped files read from standard input. Finally a run on the complete tree will be performed to catch any other potential issues. Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20181212131210.28024-2-thierry.reding@gmail.com Signed-off-by: Thierry Reding <treding@nvidia.com> Thomas Gleixner <tglx@linutronix.de> Cc: Jonathan Corbet <corbet@lwn.net> Cc: Joe Perches <joe@perches.com> Cc: Jeremy Cline <jcline@redhat.com> Cc: Uwe Kleine-König <u.kleine-koenig@pengutronix.de> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2018-12-28scripts/checkstack.pl: dynamic stack growth for aarch64Qian Cai1-0/+2
This is to track dynamic amount of stack growth for aarch64, so it is possible to print out offensive functions that may consume too much stack. For example, 0xffff2000084d1270 try_to_unmap_one [vmlinux]: Dynamic (0xcf0) 0xffff200008538358 migrate_page_move_mapping [vmlinux]: Dynamic (0xc60) 0xffff2000081276c8 copy_process.isra.2 [vmlinux]: Dynamic (0xb20) 0xffff200008424958 show_free_areas [vmlinux]: Dynamic (0xb40) 0xffff200008545178 __split_huge_pmd_locked [vmlinux]: Dynamic (0xb30) 0xffff200008555120 collapse_shmem [vmlinux]: Dynamic (0xbc0) 0xffff20000862e0d0 do_direct_IO [vmlinux]: Dynamic (0xb70) 0xffff200008cc0aa0 md_do_sync [vmlinux]: Dynamic (0xb90) Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20181208025143.39363-1-cai@lca.pw Signed-off-by: Qian Cai <cai@lca.pw> Cc: Catalin Marinas <catalin.marinas@arm.com> Cc: Will Deacon <will.deacon@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2018-12-28scripts/decode_stacktrace: only strip base path when a prefix of the pathMarc Zyngier1-1/+1
Running something like: decodecode vmlinux . leads to interested results where not only the leading "." gets stripped from the displayed paths, but also anywhere in the string, displaying something like: kvm_vcpu_check_block (arch/arm64/kvm/virt/kvm/kvm_mainc:2141) which doesn't help further processing. Fix it by only stripping the base path if it is a prefix of the path. Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20181210174659.31054-3-marc.zyngier@arm.com Signed-off-by: Marc Zyngier <marc.zyngier@arm.com> Cc: Will Deacon <will.deacon@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2018-12-28scripts/decodecode: set ARCH when running natively on arm/arm64Marc Zyngier1-0/+7
When running decodecode natively on arm64, ARCH is likely not to be set, and we end-up with .4byte instead of .inst when generating the disassembly. Similar effects would occur if running natively on a 32bit ARM platform, although that's even less popular. A simple workaround is to populate ARCH when it is not set and that we're running on an arm/arm64 system. Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20181210174659.31054-2-marc.zyngier@arm.com Signed-off-by: Marc Zyngier <marc.zyngier@arm.com> Acked-by: Will Deacon <will.deacon@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2018-12-28bloat-o-meter: ignore __addressable_ symbolsRasmus Villemoes1-0/+1
Since __LINE__ is part of the symbol created by __ADDRESSABLE, almost any change causes those symbols to disappear and get reincarnated, e.g. add/remove: 4/4 grow/shrink: 0/3 up/down: 32/-171 (-139) Function old new delta __addressable_tracing_set_default_clock8649 - 8 +8 __addressable_tracer_init_tracefs8631 - 8 +8 __addressable_ftrace_dump8383 - 8 +8 __addressable_clear_boot_tracer8632 - 8 +8 __addressable_tracing_set_default_clock8650 8 - -8 __addressable_tracer_init_tracefs8632 8 - -8 __addressable_ftrace_dump8384 8 - -8 __addressable_clear_boot_tracer8633 8 - -8 trace_default_header 663 642 -21 tracing_mark_raw_write 406 355 -51 tracing_mark_write 624 557 -67 Total: Before=63889, After=63750, chg -0.22% They're small and in .discard, so ignore them, leading to more useful add/remove: 0/0 grow/shrink: 0/3 up/down: 0/-139 (-139) Function old new delta trace_default_header 663 642 -21 tracing_mark_raw_write 406 355 -51 tracing_mark_write 624 557 -67 Total: Before=63721, After=63582, chg -0.22% Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20181102210030.8383-1-linux@rasmusvillemoes.dk Signed-off-by: Rasmus Villemoes <linux@rasmusvillemoes.dk> Reviewed-by: Andy Shevchenko <andriy.shevchenko@linux.intel.com> Cc: Alexey Dobriyan <adobriyan@gmail.com> Cc: Ingo Molnar <mingo@kernel.org> Cc: Dominik Brodowski <linux@dominikbrodowski.net> Cc: Maninder Singh <maninder1.s@samsung.com> Cc: Matteo Croce <mcroce@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2018-12-28kasan: add CONFIG_KASAN_GENERIC and CONFIG_KASAN_SW_TAGSAndrey Konovalov1-22/+31
This commit splits the current CONFIG_KASAN config option into two: 1. CONFIG_KASAN_GENERIC, that enables the generic KASAN mode (the one that exists now); 2. CONFIG_KASAN_SW_TAGS, that enables the software tag-based KASAN mode. The name CONFIG_KASAN_SW_TAGS is chosen as in the future we will have another hardware tag-based KASAN mode, that will rely on hardware memory tagging support in arm64. With CONFIG_KASAN_SW_TAGS enabled, compiler options are changed to instrument kernel files with -fsantize=kernel-hwaddress (except the ones for which KASAN_SANITIZE := n is set). Both CONFIG_KASAN_GENERIC and CONFIG_KASAN_SW_TAGS support both CONFIG_KASAN_INLINE and CONFIG_KASAN_OUTLINE instrumentation modes. This commit also adds empty placeholder (for now) implementation of tag-based KASAN specific hooks inserted by the compiler and adjusts common hooks implementation. While this commit adds the CONFIG_KASAN_SW_TAGS config option, this option is not selectable, as it depends on HAVE_ARCH_KASAN_SW_TAGS, which we will enable once all the infrastracture code has been added. Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/b2550106eb8a68b10fefbabce820910b115aa853.1544099024.git.andreyknvl@google.com Signed-off-by: Andrey Konovalov <andreyknvl@google.com> Reviewed-by: Andrey Ryabinin <aryabinin@virtuozzo.com> Reviewed-by: Dmitry Vyukov <dvyukov@google.com> Cc: Christoph Lameter <cl@linux.com> Cc: Mark Rutland <mark.rutland@arm.com> Cc: Will Deacon <will.deacon@arm.com> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
2018-12-28kconfig: surround dbg_sym_flags with #ifdef DEBUG to fix gconf warningMasahiro Yamada1-1/+2
Fix the following warning: no previous prototype for ‘dbg_sym_flags’ [-Wmissing-prototypes] Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-28kconfig: split images.c out of qconf.cc/gconf.c to fix gconf warningsMasahiro Yamada5-19/+54
Currently, images.c is included by qconf.cc and gconf.c. qconf.cc uses all of xpm_* arrays, but gconf.c only some of them. Hence, lots of "... defined but not used" warnings are displayed while compiling gconf.c Splitting out images.c fixes the warnings. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-28kconfig: add static qualifiers to fix gconf warningsMasahiro Yamada1-10/+10
Add "static" to functions that are locally used in gconf.c This fixes some "no previous prototype for ..." warnings. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-28kconfig: split the lexer out of zconf.yMasahiro Yamada4-8/+6
Compile zconf.lex.c independently of the other files. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-28kconfig: split some C files out of zconf.yMasahiro Yamada7-15/+16
I want to compile each C file independently instead of including all of them from zconf.y. Split out confdata.c, expr.c, symbol.c, and preprocess.c . These are low-hanging fruits. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-28kconfig: convert to SPDX License IdentifierMasahiro Yamada42-140/+57
All files in lxdialog/ are licensed under GPL-2.0+, and the rest are under GPL-2.0. I added GPL-2.0 tags to test scripts in tests/. Documentation/process/license-rules.rst does not suggest anything about the flex/bison files. Because flex does not accept the C++ comment style at the very top of a file, I used the C style for zconf.l, and so for zconf.y for consistency. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-28kconfig: remove keyword lookup table entirelyMasahiro Yamada4-147/+69
Commit 7a88488bbc23 ("[PATCH] kconfig: use gperf for kconfig keywords") introduced gperf for the keyword lookup. Then, commit bb3290d91695 ("Remove gperf usage from toolchain") killed the gperf use. As a result, the linear keyword search was left behind. If we do not use gperf, there is no reason to have the separate table of the keywords. Move all keywords back to the lexer. I also refactored the lexer to remove the COMMAND and PARAM states. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22scripts: remove unnecessary ihex2fw and check-lc_ctypes from .gitignoreMasahiro Yamada1-2/+0
Commit c512d2544c68 ("gitignore: ignore scripts/ihex2fw") was unneeded. ihex2fw was generated in firmware/ instead of scripts/ at that time although ihex2fw.c was pushed back and forth between those directories in the past. check-lc_ctype was removed by commit cb43fb5775df ("docs: remove DocBook from the building system"). Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22kconfig: update current_pos in the second lexerMasahiro Yamada1-5/+15
To simplify the generated lexer, let the hand-made lexer update the file name and line number for the parser. I tested this with DEBUG_PARSE, and confirmed the same file names and line numbers were dumped. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22kconfig: switch to ASSIGN_VAL state in the second lexerMasahiro Yamada1-3/+9
To simplify the generated lexer, switch to the ASSIGN_VAL state in the hand-made lexer. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22kconfig: stop associating kconf_id with yylvalMasahiro Yamada2-23/+20
The lexer has conventionally associated kconf_id data with yylval to carry additional information to the parser. No token is relying on this any more. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22kconfig: refactor end token rulesMasahiro Yamada1-28/+15
T_ENDMENU, T_ENDCHOICE, T_ENDIF are the last users of kconf_id associated with yylval. Refactor them to not use it. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22kconfig: stop supporting '.' and '/' in unquoted wordsMasahiro Yamada2-4/+3
In my understanding, special characters such as '.' and '/' are supported in unquoted words to use bare file paths in the "source" statement. With the previous commit surrounding all file paths with double quotes, we can drop this. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22kconfig: use T_WORD instead of T_VARIABLE for variablesMasahiro Yamada2-4/+3
There is no grammatical ambiguity by using T_WORD for variables. The parser can distinguish variables from symbols from the context. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22kconfig: use specific tokens instead of T_ASSIGN for assignmentsMasahiro Yamada2-5/+13
Currently, the lexer returns T_ASSIGN for all of =, :=, and += associating yylval with the flavor. I want to make the generated lexer as simple as possible. So, the lexer should convert keywords to tokens without thinking about the meaning. = -> T_EQUAL := -> T_COLON_EQUAL += -> T_PLUS_EQUAL Unfortunately, Kconfig uses = instead of == for the equal operator. So, the same token T_EQUAL is used for assignment and comparison. The parser can still distinguish them from the context. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22kconfig: refactor scanning and parsing "option" propertiesMasahiro Yamada5-52/+41
For the keywords "modules", "defconfig_list", and "allnoconfig_y", the lexer should pass specific tokens instead of generic T_WORD. This simplifies both the lexer and the parser. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-22kconfig: use distinct tokens for type and default propertiesMasahiro Yamada3-32/+47
This commit removes kconf_id::stype to prepare for the entire removal of kconf_id.c To simplify the lexer, I want keywords straight-mapped to tokens. Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-19scripts: add a tool to produce a compile_commands.json fileTom Roeder1-0/+151
The LLVM/Clang project provides many tools for analyzing C source code. Many of these tools are based on LibTooling (https://clang.llvm.org/docs/LibTooling.html), which depends on a database of compiler flags. The standard container for this database is compile_commands.json, which consists of a list of JSON objects, each with "directory", "file", and "command" fields. Some build systems, like cmake or bazel, produce this compilation information directly. Naturally, Makefiles don't. However, the kernel makefiles already create .<target>.o.cmd files that contain all the information needed to build a compile_commands.json file. So, this commit adds scripts/gen_compile_commands.py, which recursively searches through a directory for .<target>.o.cmd files and extracts appropriate compile commands from them. It writes a compile_commands.json file that LibTooling-based tools can use. By default, gen_compile_commands.py starts its search in its working directory and (over)writes compile_commands.json in the working directory. However, it also supports --output and --directory flags for out-of-tree use. Note that while gen_compile_commands.py enables the use of clang-based tools, it does not require the kernel to be compiled with clang. E.g., the following sequence of commands produces a compile_commands.json file that works correctly with LibTooling. make defconfig make scripts/gen_compile_commands.py Also note that this script is written to work correctly in both Python 2 and Python 3, so it does not specify the Python version in its first line. For an example of the utility of this script: after running gen_compile_commands.json on the latest kernel version, I was able to use Vim + the YouCompleteMe pluging + clangd to automatically jump to definitions and declarations. Obviously, cscope and ctags provide some of this functionality; the advantage of supporting LibTooling is that it opens the door to many other clang-based tools that understand the code directly and do not rely on regular expressions and heuristics. Tested: Built several recent kernel versions and ran the script against them, testing tools like clangd (for editor/LSP support) and clang-check (for static analysis). Also extracted some test .cmd files from a kernel build and wrote a test script to check that the script behaved correctly with all permutations of the --output and --directory flags. Signed-off-by: Tom Roeder <tmroeder@google.com> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
2018-12-19Revert "kbuild/Makefile: Prepare for using macros in inline assembly code to work around asm() related GCC inlining bugs"Ingo Molnar2-5/+1
This reverts commit 77b0bf55bc675233d22cd5df97605d516d64525e. See this commit for details about the revert: e769742d3584 ("Revert "x86/jump-labels: Macrofy inline assembly code to work around GCC inlining bugs"") Conflicts: arch/x86/Makefile Reported-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com> Reviewed-by: Borislav Petkov <bp@alien8.de> Reviewed-by: Thomas Gleixner <tglx@linutronix.de> Cc: Juergen Gross <jgross@suse.com> Cc: Richard Biener <rguenther@suse.de> Cc: Kees Cook <keescook@chromium.org> Cc: Segher Boessenkool <segher@kernel.crashing.org> Cc: Ard Biesheuvel <ard.biesheuvel@linaro.org> Cc: Peter Zijlstra <peterz@infradead.org> Cc: Josh Poimboeuf <jpoimboe@redhat.com> Cc: Nadav Amit <namit@vmware.com> Cc: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org> Cc: linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org Signed-off-by: Ingo Molnar <mingo@kernel.org>