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2019-05-07rseq/selftests: powerpc code signature: generate valid instructionsMathieu Desnoyers1-1/+9
2019-05-07rseq/selftests: aarch64 code signature: handle big-endian environmentMathieu Desnoyers1-2/+15
2019-05-07rseq/selftests: arm: use udf instruction for RSEQ_SIGMathieu Desnoyers1-2/+50
2019-05-07rseq/selftests: s390: use trap4 for RSEQ_SIGMartin Schwidefsky1-1/+8
2019-05-07rseq/selftests: x86: use ud1 instruction as RSEQ_SIG opcodeMathieu Desnoyers1-4/+11
2019-05-07rseq/selftests: s390: use jg instruction for jumps outside of the asmMathieu Desnoyers1-2/+2
2019-05-07rseq/selftests: Use __rseq_handled symbol to coexist with glibcMathieu Desnoyers2-8/+48
2019-05-07rseq/selftests: Introduce __rseq_cs_ptr_array, rename __rseq_table to __rseq_csMathieu Desnoyers6-51/+81
2019-05-07rseq/selftests: Add __rseq_exit_point_array section for debuggersMathieu Desnoyers6-0/+372
2019-05-07rseq/selftests: x86: Work-around bogus gcc-8 optimisationMathieu Desnoyers1-74/+70
2019-05-05selftests: Add loopback testJiri Pirko1-0/+94
2019-05-04selftests/bpf: set RLIMIT_MEMLOCK properly for test_libbpf_open.cYonghong Song1-0/+2
2019-05-03selftests/powerpc: Add a signal fuzzer selftestBreno Leitao5-3/+334
2019-05-03powerpc: prepare string/mem functions for KASANChristophe Leroy3-0/+2
2019-05-03powerpc/mm: Move book3s64 specifics in subdirectory mm/book3s64Christophe Leroy2-2/+2
2019-05-01bpf, x32: Fix bug for BPF_JMP | {BPF_JSGT, BPF_JSLE, BPF_JSLT, BPF_JSGE}Wang YanQing1-0/+19
2019-05-01selftests: fib_rule_tests: print the result and return 1 if any tests failedHangbin Liu1-0/+6
2019-05-01selftests: fib_rule_tests: Fix icmp proto with ipv6David Ahern1-2/+2
2019-04-30KVM: fix KVM_CLEAR_DIRTY_LOG for memory slots of unaligned sizePaolo Bonzini1-2/+2
2019-04-30KVM: selftests: make hyperv_cpuid test pass on AMDVitaly Kuznetsov1-1/+8
2019-04-30KVM: fix KVM_CLEAR_DIRTY_LOG for memory slots of unaligned sizePaolo Bonzini1-3/+6
2019-04-27bpf: Add ene-to-end test for bpf_sk_storage_* helpersMartin KaFai Lau3-16/+157
2019-04-27bpf: Add BPF_MAP_TYPE_SK_STORAGE test to test_mapsMartin KaFai Lau4-10/+679
2019-04-27bpf: Add verifier tests for the bpf_sk_storageMartin KaFai Lau2-19/+152
2019-04-27bpf: Refactor BTF encoding macro to test_btf.hMartin KaFai Lau2-62/+70
2019-04-26selftests: bpf: test writable buffers in raw tpsMatt Mullins3-0/+156
2019-04-26netdevsim: move netdev creation/destruction to dev probeJiri Pirko2-79/+153
2019-04-26netdevsim: change debugfs tree topologyJiri Pirko2-2/+4
2019-04-26netdevsim: merge sdev into devJiri Pirko1-4/+4
2019-04-25selftests/bpf: test cases for pkt/null checks in subprogsPaul Chaignon2-0/+47
2019-04-25selftests/seccomp: Prepare for exclusive seccomp flagsKees Cook1-9/+25
2019-04-25selftests: Add test plan API to kselftest.h and adjust callersKees Cook16-8/+48
2019-04-25selftests: Remove KSFT_TAP_LEVELKees Cook2-7/+0
2019-04-25selftests: Move test output to diagnostic linesKees Cook5-6/+60
2019-04-25selftests: Distinguish between missing and non-executableKees Cook1-1/+6
2019-04-25selftests: Add plan line and fix result line syntaxKees Cook2-6/+8
2019-04-25selftests: Extract logic for multiple test runsKees Cook3-24/+32
2019-04-25selftests: Use runner.sh for emit targetsKees Cook2-19/+7
2019-04-25selftests: Extract single-test shell logic from lib.mkKees Cook3-31/+39
2019-04-24selftests/bpf: expand test_tc_tunnel with SIT encapWillem de Bruijn3-5/+80
2019-04-23bpf/flow_dissector: don't adjust nhoff by ETH_HLEN in BPF_PROG_TEST_RUNStanislav Fomichev1-14/+9
2019-04-23selftests/bpf: properly return error from bpf_flow_loadStanislav Fomichev1-4/+4
2019-04-23selftests/bpf: run flow dissector tests in skb-less modeStanislav Fomichev4-34/+165
2019-04-23selftests/bpf: add flow dissector bpf_skb_load_bytes helper testStanislav Fomichev1-0/+48
2019-04-22selftests: build and run gpio when output directory is the src dirShuah Khan1-0/+9
2019-04-22media: selftests: media_dev_allocator api testShuah Khan1-0/+85
2019-04-20selftests/net: correct the return value for run_afpackettestsPo-Hsu Lin1-0/+5
2019-04-19selftests/ipc: Fix msgque compiler warningsKees Cook1-5/+6
2019-04-19selftests/efivarfs: clean up test files from test_create*()Po-Hsu Lin1-19/+13
2019-04-19selftests: fix headers_install circular dependencyShuah Khan2-10/+80