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2018-08-31selftests: pmtu: detect correct binary to ping ipv6 addressesSabrina Dubroca1-1/+4
2018-08-31selftests: pmtu: maximum MTU for vti4 is 2^16-1-20Sabrina Dubroca1-1/+1
2018-08-29tc-testing: add test-cases for numeric and invalid control actionPaolo Abeni1-0/+48
2018-08-22proc: test /proc/thread-self symlinkAlexey Dobriyan4-0/+71
2018-08-22proc: test /proc/self symlinkAlexey Dobriyan4-0/+49
2018-08-22tools/testing/selftests/vm/: add MAP_POPULATE testDmitry Safonov4-0/+126
2018-08-22kvm: selftest: add dirty logging testPeter Xu4-0/+356
2018-08-22kvm: selftest: pass in extra memory when create vmPeter Xu7-8/+23
2018-08-22kvm: selftest: include the tools headersPeter Xu3-3/+3
2018-08-22kvm: selftest: unify the guest port macrosPeter Xu6-95/+78
2018-08-21test_ida: check_ida_destroy and check_ida_allocMatthew Wilcox1-66/+4
2018-08-21test_ida: Convert check_ida_conv to new APIMatthew Wilcox1-46/+10
2018-08-21test_ida: Move ida_check_maxMatthew Wilcox1-28/+0
2018-08-21test_ida: Move ida_check_leafMatthew Wilcox1-27/+0
2018-08-21idr-test: Convert ida_check_nomem to new APIMatthew Wilcox1-6/+7
2018-08-21ida: Start new test_ida moduleMatthew Wilcox4-7/+22
2018-08-21radix tree test suite: Enable ubsanMatthew Wilcox2-11/+14
2018-08-21radix tree test suite: Fix compilationMatthew Wilcox1-0/+2
2018-08-17tools/bpf: fix bpf selftest test_cgroup_storage failureYonghong Song1-0/+1
2018-08-14bpf: test: fix spelling mistake "REUSEEPORT" -> "REUSEPORT"Colin Ian King1-1/+1
2018-08-13selftests/bpf: Selftest for bpf_skb_ancestor_cgroup_idAndrey Ignatov4-3/+302
2018-08-13selftests/bpf: Add cgroup id helpers to bpf_helpers.hAndrey Ignatov1-0/+4
2018-08-11tc: Update README and add configKeara Leibovitz2-5/+59
2018-08-11bpf: Test BPF_PROG_TYPE_SK_REUSEPORTMartin KaFai Lau5-2/+910
2018-08-11bpf: test BPF_MAP_TYPE_REUSEPORT_SOCKARRAYMartin KaFai Lau1-1/+261
2018-08-11bpf: Refactor ARRAY_SIZE macro to bpf_util.hMartin KaFai Lau6-20/+9
2018-08-10tools/bpf: add bpffs pretty print btf test for hash/lru_hash mapsYonghong Song1-15/+72
2018-08-09selftests: mlxsw: Add TC flower test for Spectrum-2Ido Schimmel1-0/+366
2018-08-09selftests/ftrace: Fix kprobe string testcase to not probe notrace functionMasami Hiramatsu2-19/+13
2018-08-09selftests: mount: remove no longer needed config optionAnders Roxell1-1/+0
2018-08-09selftests: cgroup: add gitignore fileAnders Roxell1-0/+1
2018-08-09Add cgroup core selftestsClaudio4-0/+406
2018-08-09rseq/selftests: add s390 supportVasily Gorbik3-0/+539
2018-08-08bpf, sockmap: fix cork timeout for select due to epipeDaniel Borkmann1-1/+1
2018-08-08selftests/powerpc: Kill child processes on SIGINTBreno Leitao1-6/+12
2018-08-07selftests: forwarding: gre_multipath: Update next-hop statistics match criteriaNir Dotan1-4/+4
2018-08-07tc-tests: initial version of nat action unit testsKeara Leibovitz1-0/+593
2018-08-08selftests/powerpc/64: Test exception cases in copy_tofrom_userMichael Ellerman6-21/+188
2018-08-08selftests/powerpc/64: Test all paths through copy routinesPaul Mackerras3-21/+49
2018-08-08selftests/powerpc: Add more version checks to alignment_handler testMichael Ellerman1-8/+59
2018-08-08selftests/powerpc: Skip earlier in alignment_handler testMichael Ellerman1-5/+35
2018-08-07selftests/powerpc: Update strlen() test to test the new assembly function for PPC32Christophe Leroy3-0/+9
2018-08-07selftests/powerpc: Add test for strlen()Christophe Leroy3-1/+151
2018-08-07selftests/powerpc: Add test for 32 bits memcmpChristophe Leroy2-3/+18
2018-08-07selftests/powerpc: Give some tests longer to runMichael Ellerman5-0/+6
2018-08-07selftests/powerpc: Only run some tests on ppc64leMichael Ellerman3-0/+3
2018-08-07selftests/powerpc: Add a helper for checking if we're on ppc64leMichael Ellerman2-0/+19
2018-08-06KVM: selftests: add tests for shadow VMCS save/restorePaolo Bonzini3-5/+74
2018-08-06kvm: selftests: add test for nested state save/restorePaolo Bonzini3-1/+132
2018-08-06kvm: selftests: add basic test for state save and restorePaolo Bonzini8-22/+311