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Add path to accommodate macOS' dynamic $TMPDIR
Per a report from Lakshay Garg <lakshayg@outlook.in>, the use of $TMPDIR in the Vim plugin's pattern match does not work on macOS X, due to the dynamic and symbolically-linked temporary dir structure this system uses. Lakshay's email to me, which includes a full explanation, is reproduced with his permission below. This change is reflected in upstream v2.2.2: <https://sanctum.geek.nz/cgit/vim-redact-pass.git/commit/?h=v2.2.2> >Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2021 23:59:22 -0800 >From: Lakshay Garg <lakshayg@outlook.in> >To: tom@sanctum.geek.nz >Subject: [PATCH] vim: fix redact_pass.vim for macOS > >Hi Tom > >Thanks for maintaining redact_pass.vim. I came across an issue in the >plugin a few months ago and submitted a patch for it to the >password-store mailing list but did not get any responses. It seems >like since only you have been maintaining that file, I might have >better luck sending the patch to you. > >--- > >Problem: redact_pass.vim did not work on macOS machines >Fix: add resolve($TMPDIR) to the autcmd pattern list > >Explanation >=========== > >pass creates files under /private/var/<some-stuff> on macOS. >redact_pass.vim uses the following pattern to detect when to >enable the plugin: > >``` >$TMPDIR/pass.?*/?*.txt >``` > >This pattern expands to "/var/<some-stuff>//pass.?*/?*.txt" >on my macbook and has two problems: > >1. The double forward slash in the expanded pattern (after <some-stuff>) >2. pass uses /private/var but the pattern looks for /var > >Turns out, /var on macos is just a symlink to /private/var. >The autocmd fails to trigger because it is trying to match >the pattern: "/var/<some-stuff>//pass.?*/?*.txt" >to filename: "/private/var/<some-stuff>/pass.<random-chars>/<random-chars>.txt" > >The simplest fix is to make $TMPDIR point to "/private/var/..." >which is achieved by calling resolve on $TMPDIR prior to running >the autocmd. This also handles the double forward-slash. > >Thanks again >Lakshay
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