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authorDmitry Medvinsky <dmedvinsky@gmail.com>2012-09-21 14:09:38 +0400
committerJason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>2012-09-21 17:52:09 +0200
commitc2d28accf5c79c7929a90506061c70ffa70cca86 (patch)
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parentAdd support for PASSWORD_STORE_KEY env var. (diff)
Add fish shell completion
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+#!/usr/bin/env fish
+# Fish shell completions for pass.
+# Copyright © 2012 Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
+# Pass is GNU GPL v2 licensed.
+# This completion script is, as pass itself, GNU GPL v2 licensed.
+# See COPYING file distributed with pass for more details.
+# Contributed by Dmitry Medvinsky <dmedvinsky@gmail.com>
+set PROG 'pass'
+function __fish_pass_get_prefix
+ set -l prefix "$PASSWORD_STORE_DIR"
+ if [ -z "$prefix" ]
+ set prefix "$HOME/.password-store"
+ end
+ echo "$prefix"
+function __fish_pass_needs_command
+ set -l cmd (commandline -opc)
+ if [ (count $cmd) -eq 1 -a $cmd[1] = $PROG ]
+ return 0
+ end
+ return 1
+function __fish_pass_uses_command
+ set cmd (commandline -opc)
+ if [ (count $cmd) -gt 1 ]
+ if [ $argv[1] = $cmd[2] ]
+ return 0
+ end
+ end
+ return 1
+function __fish_pass_print_gpg_keys
+ gpg --list-keys | grep uid | sed 's/.*<\(.*\)>/\1/'
+function __fish_pass_print_entry_dirs
+ set -l prefix (__fish_pass_get_prefix)
+ set -l dirs
+ eval "set dirs "$prefix"/**/"
+ for dir in $dirs
+ set entry (echo "$dir" | sed "s#$prefix/\(.*\)#\1#")
+ echo "$entry"
+ end
+function __fish_pass_print_entries
+ set -l prefix (__fish_pass_get_prefix)
+ set -l files
+ eval "set files "$prefix"/**.gpg"
+ for file in $files
+ set file (echo "$file" | sed "s#$prefix/\(.*\)\.gpg#\1#")
+ echo "$file"
+ end
+function __fish_pass_print_entries_and_dirs
+ __fish_pass_print_entry_dirs
+ __fish_pass_print_entries
+complete -c $PROG -e
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a help -d 'Command: show usage help'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a version -d 'Command: show program version'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a init -d 'Command: initialize new password storage'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command init' -s e -l reencrypt -d 'Reencrypt existing passwords using new gpg-id'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_contains_opt -s e reencrypt' -a '(__fish_pass_print_gpg_keys)'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a ls -d 'Command: list passwords'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command ls' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entry_dirs)"
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a insert -d 'Command: insert new password'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command insert' -s n -l no-echo -d 'Do not echo the password on console'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command insert' -s m -l multiline -d 'Provide multiline password entry'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command insert' -s f -l force -d 'Do not prompt before overwritting'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command insert' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entry_dirs)"
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a generate -d 'Command: generate new password'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command generate' -s n -l no-symbols -d 'Do not use special symbols'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command generate' -s c -l clip -d 'Put the password in clipboard'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command generate' -s f -l force -d 'Do not prompt before overwritting'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command generate' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entry_dirs)"
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a rm -d 'Command: remove existing password'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command rm' -s r -l recursive -d 'Remove password groups recursively'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command rm' -s f -l force -d 'Force removal'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command rm' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entries_and_dirs)"
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a edit -d 'Command: edit password using text editor'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command edit' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entries)"
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a show -d 'Command: show existing password'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command show' -s c -l clip -d 'Put password in clipboard'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command show' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entries)"
+# When no command is given, `show` is defaulted.
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -s c -l clip -d 'Put password in clipboard'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entries)"
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command -c' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entries)"
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command --clip' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entries)"
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a git -d 'Command: execute a git command'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'init' -d 'Initialize git repository'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'push' -d 'Push changes to remote repo'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'pull' -d 'Pull changes from remote repo'
+complete -c $PROG -f -A -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'log' -d 'View changelog'