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1 files changed, 12 insertions, 8 deletions
diff --git a/src/completion/pass.fish-completion b/src/completion/pass.fish-completion
index 0c67bf3..3e70af1 100644
--- a/src/completion/pass.fish-completion
+++ b/src/completion/pass.fish-completion
@@ -52,6 +52,12 @@ function __fish_pass_print_entries_and_dirs
+function __fish_pass_git_complete
+ set -l prefix (__fish_pass_get_prefix)
+ set -l git_cmd (commandline -opc) (commandline -ct)
+ set -e git_cmd[1 2] # Drop "pass git".
+ complete -C"git -C $prefix $git_cmd"
complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a help -d 'Command: show usage help'
complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a version -d 'Command: show program version'
@@ -101,13 +107,11 @@ complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command -c' -a "(__fish_pass_print_ent
complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command --clip' -a "(__fish_pass_print_entries)"
complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a git -d 'Command: execute a git command'
-complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'init' -d 'Initialize git repository'
-complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'status' -d 'Show status of the repo'
-complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'add' -d 'Add changes to the index'
-complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'commit' -d 'Commit changes to the repo'
-complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'push' -d 'Push changes to remote repo'
-complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'pull' -d 'Pull changes from remote repo'
-complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a 'log' -d 'View changelog'
+complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command git' -a '(__fish_pass_git_complete)'
complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a find -d 'Command: find a password file or directory matching pattern'
complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_needs_command' -a grep -d 'Command: search inside of decrypted password files for matching pattern'
+complete -c $PROG -f -n '__fish_pass_uses_command grep' -a '(begin
+ set -l cmd (commandline -opc) (commandline -ct)
+ set -e cmd[1 2] # Drop "pass grep".
+ complete -C"grep $cmd"