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@@ -72,6 +72,11 @@ by using the
.BR tree (1)
program. This command is alternatively named \fBlist\fP.
+\fBfind\fP \fIpass-names\fP...
+List names of passwords inside the tree that match \fIpass-names\fP by using the
+.BR tree (1)
+program. This command is alternatively named \fBsearch\fP.
\fBshow\fP [ \fI--clip\fP, \fI-c\fP ] \fIpass-name\fP
Decrypt and print a password named \fIpass-name\fP. If \fI--clip\fP or \fI-c\fP
is specified, do not print the password but instead copy the first line to the
@@ -169,6 +174,25 @@ Password Store
Alternatively, "\fBpass ls\fP".
+Find existing passwords in store that match .com
+.B zx2c4@laptop ~ $ pass find .com
+Search Terms: .com
+\[u251C]\[u2500]\[u2500] Business
+\[u2502] \[u251C]\[u2500]\[u2500] some-silly-business-site.com
+\[u2514]\[u2500]\[u2500] Email
+ \[u251C]\[u2500]\[u2500] donenfeld.com
+ \[u2514]\[u2500]\[u2500] zx2c4.com
+Alternatively, "\fBpass search .com\fP".
Show existing password
.B zx2c4@laptop ~ $ pass Email/zx2c4.com