tag name1.3 (2862d7cf32ca15a7f2211a10cdc89affe8990d24)
tag date2012-09-13 18:25:38 +0200
tagged byJason A. Donenfeld <>
tagged objectcommit f6c945b0b1...
Release version 1.3.
Features: - Let PASSWORD_STORE_DIR override the password store directory location - Use GNU getopt to allow arguments to be anywhere - Confirm before overwriting on insert (use --force to revert behavior) - Use GNU readline when reading passwords in the default insert mode - Skip directories and add edit mode to ZSH completion file - Make GPG output quieter - Support ramdisk on OSX via out-of-tree patch - Add --version switch Bug fixes: - Don't quote $EDITOR, so that folks can specify arguments to their editor - Be careful about cleaning up temporary files -- use signal handler to ensure it happens - Make more efficient use of bash's read command for prompting - Split out common gpg options into unified variable -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJQUgkJAAoJEEn8cBKl3gOu+roP/iR7A9GCSrNL1ocOR7IP3nPm /NoLoh33SXBRVbMzNvoMc/MRns36AqNvfvBV6C1+5lbNSPiuB7z4wmZDD+5mK/e5 N/F0LD9Vz9D0KNZ13HoRLKbnQCIWQdqbsd/7Gx2ZLmdyiNU/1fSJxYm6OzbWoelK ja90J17D3GqaVt2chsvCvSdUaUfHPu7259CTwKJbfNLknpees7GLBvX4c69mHGL6 8O5nd2jekIG5ykvLrwh2mL0QLtTSOkjNxUKIabU4r4Kkm+Im7C17kSSUrl4BGAoE oLGR6kvS86uAy/m4ZZYFsPx0j/bOwo6kZSNciA+xIxeq9zchoiJHT7ozYW2S20t0 q058LOES1M3KUKbKsf0IOC997dqmr8V5FmsIkS4HsuRTsl6uxaBkm/QquWqzyLCN +89Ny6D+svpYloaYbkNftdvjdrEVPklUN64WF/Ugkq4J42eVVVQ3YNMH7L3S63Py xcNEOnOpJXti47TfJyg7rjUIUk3+UC+FzrbeyaF5ouDf39a/H5DutleF1Z7w6/ri UnBPHpmVjJkaiJ5vKL75jghaUt/y8NBzyOIO503C3MP9oQra4/61qMCtbLpgnRC/ iiV5CN0T9NT0cICQdSF11yCgrHMvlpkI1ufh8f9DEo3fjMAg4qgmLmAz7BM9KKr2 /Ewl9IX3fe0h0LEErQly =fzBE -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----