tag name1.5 (b45bfd10d6c6c6d56c3089bb2e36db288cf20b09)
tag date2014-04-12 21:25:47 +0200
tagged byJason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
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Release 1.5. Changes:
== Features == - Team pass is now possible! At last! Each .gpg-id file may contain multiple IDs, separated by a new line, and `pass init` now takes multiple options for specifying multiple keys with which to populate .gpg-id. - Different directories may now have their own .gpg-id, and `pass init` has now learned a -p/--path switch for writing this file. This may be used to have different access permissions for different sub-folders. - All temporary files, even ones that exist merely in a tmpfs ram disk, are overwritten with random data before deletion, using shread or wipe, depending on the platform. - If git is in use, all commits can be signed with the "user.signingkey" ID if "pass.signcommits" is enabled in git-config. This protects against remote tampering. - Clipboard selection can now be overwritten using the PASSWORD_STORE_X_SELECTION environment variable, and the timeout time before restoring the clipboard can be overwritten using PASSWORD_STORE_CLIP_TIME. - The umask can now be overwritten with the PASSWORD_STORE_UMASK environment variable. - gpg v1 can be used, in addition to the already supported v2 == Bug Fixes == - Do not race between clipboard restoration instances at once - We now properly follow symlinks with tree and with reencryption - Fix conflict between passwords and directories with the same name - Bash completion goes in the correct folder - Many bash and sed simplifications and optimizations - `mktemp` now uses the correct argument order - We no longer use GPG compression, due to security concerns - Documentation improvements - Bash, zsh, and fish completion clean-ups - Lots of import script fixes - Non-recursive makefile - On re-encryption in `pass init`, a pipe failure no longer blanks file == New Import Scripts from Contributors === - KED password manager - Revelation password manager - Keepass2 password manager - Gorilla password manager - Pwsafe password manager == Other Contributed Projects == - A firefox plugin <https://github.com/jvenant/passff#readme> - An iOS app <https://github.com/rephorm/pass-ios#readme> - A dmenu script <https://github.com/cdown/passmenu#readme> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJTSZNAAAoJEEn8cBKl3gOuLnUP/i2UE2CQlW46Q81mgziXOBMZ BYTgjDB9xD3G6ap1fV2gEkPFjbEz/XVV5N2Ft8eItZYOwOpEDMlMJRyoGivYP6Kf e/X/QV/uYjnOXg4ui96sYpAMSCTCg8kT88yfk4Oe1I5nj8EfmBthNfR+VSZLMAHL +ziAOjNU7sDfHc+4vOAbV2vs69jtDleoBaZPP7aFRfh1JxXY5rV0KXakKYrhAYLd zqQTaLYz/2S01hCD+iWGq7K2e2WA5Y38awJcQkRrEUqMTytb0i8g7lBlYYaNs5Pu l/h2ecEnI0rI9T/dlUqVbp2KUl+hO2GTQLUiBVXXnbZIgeR2SJ2a5GwnCL/jAKft Hlwj9kfE0IZeHOuFAkrQsieTPsLG8lStWy6o+lZua4c8xglymnSUIot08qV9vjH4 hzfqXfn3oNlzIbvfueXWy1NJqZAgEspOAOK+6bZwS14AdU1PK51pCrha0LZt8TEz 7dN0PA21s8gCzcI+pnQIPLcZDEIVgOJb1vZ5GNR2n1TM0WWdVD+fhuJF9ZBXLmJD z8SWLrIm4lkcCUCt8BqgFEQZec9NNbpTlkIMscGFEUGw459VnT8aRvi3ydlTq5uq yNXgCUfHURs11BX8XSBWeQdbo5Bl2R+y47/+XD1cuDCQcuUMDJSa16Jtx1SgtdN2 67zbzOHJ1o7MIlCKpuWw =Uez1 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----