tag name1.6 (95ffb4fb48be01e63643c93b3fe76a6849d5aa74)
tag date2014-04-24 18:31:53 +0200
tagged byJason A. Donenfeld <>
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Release 1.6. Changes:
== Features == * `pass find` allows searching for filenames or directory names within the password store. It makes use of tree 1.7.0 features that the pass community developed. * `pass grep` allows searching inside of encrypted files. * `pass mv` and `pass cp` allow moving and copying password files around, and automatically reencrypt them if the source folder requires a different gpg-id. * The --reencrypt/-e switch is now gone from init. All comands that change gpg-id or move password files around (such as mv and cp) automatically reencrypt passwords *as needed*, if the source has a different gpg-id or if the gpg-id for a given directory has changed. * `make test` will now run an ever-growing test suite of automated unit tests to ensure that we remain bug-free. * pass init allows deinitializing sub-gpg-id files by an empty string key argument. * If stdin is not a tty, no interactive questions are asked. * Empty folders are pruned on removing or moving entries. * Sneaky paths are checked and prevented. * Platform files run before installation too now. * Support for Windows/Cygwin. * We detect gpg-agent and display a warning if it's not running before mass-reencryption operations. * Makefile now automatically detects bash/zsh/fish completion support. * Complete reorganization of codebase for improved maintainability. * Revelation2pass converstion script supports xml. * Keepassx2pass conversion script handles new lines and slashes. == Bug Fixes == * Bash completion is installed to correct place * Better error messages. * Clarification of secure tmpdir on FreeBSD. * Platform installation supports GNU sed. * Zsh completion supports trailing slashes. * Typos. == New Additions from Contributors == * 1Password importer <> * Pass now supports Emacs: <> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJTWTx9AAoJEEn8cBKl3gOuSFsQALE9teIbXZuxLEaS5dbImF97 vIOzk3A6iTg+EMaqufcmp/lulVtYPfMoTlxrsqMbe3HifmUlu3iCaRE2TUNFcAo3 +wTU8T89xrbqGWu6qgX5FfXY0hpQsH7nB7c/WZxFu/DORlYlGQP3ukb/o1+MqNZ2 tSv1zJUIUJz/Ikx5CC75bBVt3jezHsmB4mnHwuPdzRW96xlqtf77Mo81LYTZRk1e necebqs0jhwnQyeLmLGJH1rdgj1MIk3ZwDGuV/xpNQMMHVJZxMJa46jlRtlK648i aTR76/pdWdwVEha+EXCqOdyOJceK1Mf/TLLmPP5mkOvSbTpH5BxuxuGDPurPRhRL yvsj3DoE3lCWiYJdkB2EuOscKyHCTxDyQigTrLWoyAP+3e+zbKeDaxXT1K9VweJD sMjz+b6eZnJgU3IX4kw9kYOqCtTCzzT129klEcfqUaZhIqAI0uvRTNdh5iZxKsCi gCJKSJwhXqX8JZ4r1HKG4+xuwuHNkV9jUIOxWRcN2+gbPoI6Dsv+ZIxMZKO8qN7/ nWDbHWr7B5F05Mw3Fviu7BFoPW0JPqr9NgzmbIr53MQl42dq+qKh1go5tgPuOy3J W68aLGGfTOZFMhqw4a2vDEcyIEgmhnwfIOqsSblKtHk33A0eF8/PITr4T9RLcHRw G1tvui6O//DRU9Z7UoxO =Uzcg -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----