tag name1.6.2 (255e988aa7f2b9e85b8f8255a7d7909c18594c8d)
tag date2014-05-14 09:48:59 +0200
tagged byJason A. Donenfeld <Jason@zx2c4.com>
tagged objectcommit a12aa27769...
Release 1.6.2. Changes:
== Features == * generate now has an --in-place option to replace only the first line of a file with a new password * generate now uses pretty ansi colors * `pass git diff` will now decrypt your history in memory on the fly to show real text diffs of how your passwords have changed * Lots of general code cleanups and restructurings == Bug Fixes == * test suite escapes characters properly * use install -d instead of mkdir -p in makefile * do not rely on bash inside of makefile * cleaner tmpdir cleanup logic * use portable sed in zsh completion * gpg key sorting is now done with LC_ALL=C * git sub-commands will now use a secure tmpdir * properly escape input to sed during reencryption * tests now work on directories with spaces * gpg secmem warning is disabled during gpg key comparison so that output is consistent on bsd * tmpdir templates actually work now when making a secure tmpdir == New Additions from Contributors == * KWallet importer script <http://git.zx2c4.com/password-store/tree/contrib/importers/kwallet2pass.py> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJTcx/vAAoJEEn8cBKl3gOu2FUP/25SJpvCix8+FdRBHZL9gU+V y2cszNWd7uWTfprGheLLHuYrAEG4XznoAvKQCtFfzBdNYToAGhtxJa+aKSIrMaIR gUBmF5n/9GnbD/jY7mnKJsW2yWQIF9xZp9eTfJF3K8RzmjCDutjmyAzxCvM95Y4m LIln6hjmr2fmZhu433mOWpgCVgRgqkhT6NmqcuLTxf87MyUOZJH3V9vskT5uUB5R 1U9d0FxpLhnKBudY7uybqheW+depbnRch+X5WqK5LuUBgsaMlC2axzZCNlNQoPZI 2rQrVEvH2QpI2lr3uN9zwiexR15pfRScDf8S3Y6JfKyKhsJnqq/HEQfGBoGeTWzP CbHNeJ4BN3U3W09L25D8jjz/NWj7VhDWFVmL3toJEJwvfdAl4902SAjSLRhe0eTl uhdS5lBG7+aQ/iHLKSWcW8zXDU5IOt5Mbu0aqdjtZURhy+/ySVmDKkXfrH60NpAE qP1NAHx7jMuvK3KWWykLSxVWGbqgIK2aOmSepx6uMbPwpEodHWSYdEwdkOFm4Tse wmA0Kw/i5sPYuWtcFqRrOFWdow43FQo+y8YhGhHjaZW1fP6SaEHJQ0KaXdOa81pN iF7WodVLwB555DpTugTMTdWjkICCChfW93Xe3/1d+aCxLMITzWA9kIhBdhN8pLn5 j5Xuh/KGlpb9PGqXrg2M =qOaa -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----