BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermod_limits: Extend unlimited_jids to s2s sessions (for Ge0rG)Kim Alvefur6 days
0.11MUC: Fix logic for access to affiliation listsKim Alvefur13 days
vault/masterutil.datamanager: Add basic testsKim Alvefur6 months
vault/0.11util.interpolation: Fix combination of filters and fallback values #1623Kim Alvefur6 months
tlsClose 'tls' branchMatthew Wild8 years
vault/tlsClose 'tls' branchMatthew Wild8 years
saslClose 'sasl' branchMatthew Wild8 years
vault/saslClose 'sasl' branchMatthew Wild8 years
s2sClose 's2s' branchMatthew Wild8 years
vault/s2sClose 's2s' branchMatthew Wild8 years
0.11.9prosody-0.11.9.tar.xz  prosody-0.11.9.zip  Kim Alvefur3 months
0.11.8prosody-0.11.8.tar.xz  prosody-0.11.8.zip  Kim Alvefur6 months
0.11.6prosody-0.11.6.tar.xz  prosody-0.11.6.zip  Kim Alvefur12 months
vault/0.11.6prosody-vault/0.11.6.tar.xz  prosody-vault/0.11.6.zip  Kim Alvefur12 months
0.11.7prosody-0.11.7.tar.xz  prosody-0.11.7.zip  Kim Alvefur14 months
vault/0.11.7prosody-vault/0.11.7.tar.xz  prosody-vault/0.11.7.zip  Kim Alvefur14 months
0.11.5prosody-0.11.5.tar.xz  prosody-0.11.5.zip  Matthew Wild18 months
vault/0.11.5prosody-vault/0.11.5.tar.xz  prosody-vault/0.11.5.zip  Matthew Wild18 months
0.11.4prosody-0.11.4.tar.xz  prosody-0.11.4.zip  Kim Alvefur19 months
vault/0.11.4prosody-vault/0.11.4.tar.xz  prosody-vault/0.11.4.zip  Kim Alvefur19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 daysmod_limits: Extend unlimited_jids to s2s sessions (for Ge0rG)HEADmasterKim Alvefur1-0/+15
6 daysmod_limits: Factor out function for disabling limits allowing use from shellKim Alvefur1-9/+13
6 daysmod_bosh: Add todo to use util.session to create session objectKim Alvefur1-0/+1
6 daysmod_pubsub: Update callbacks on reload to more completely refresh configKim Alvefur1-0/+8
6 daysmigrator: Silence assert in core.moduleapiKim Alvefur1-0/+4
6 daysmigrator: Use parsed command line flags already parsed by util.startupKim Alvefur1-14/+1
6 daysmigrator: Trick net.server into thinking the config is loadedKim Alvefur1-0/+1
6 daysmigrator: Customise startup sequence to fix #1673 (Thanks acidsys)Kim Alvefur1-2/+19
8 daysFix various spelling errors (thanks codespell)Kim Alvefur11-11/+11
10 daysmod_pubsub: Update configuration on reload (fixes #1382)Kim Alvefur1-0/+3