BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
UHD-4.1uhd: Prepare branch for releaseAaron Rossetto13 hours
UHD-4.0python: rfnoc: Change reference type for noc_block_base exportMartin Braun8 days
amoch/my_fixesanother modelsim pe workaroundAndrew Moch9 days
masterci: Remove documentation-only changes from pipeline runsMartin Braun13 days
UHD-3.15.LTSfpga: Update submodule pointerMartin Braun7 weeks
lamsel/fft_playgroundWIPLars Amsel6 months
atrnati/ubuntu-20.04-workaroundcal: Workaround to compile on Ubuntu 20.04Aaron Rossetto11 months
UHD-3.14.L3.14.1.1.L Releasemichael-west20 months
UHD-3.9.LTStransport: Removing recv() task barrier for conversion callsPaul David22 months
UHD- Releasemichael-west22 months
v4.1.0.2-rc1uhd-  uhd-  Aaron Rossetto13 hours
v4.1.0.1uhd-  uhd-  Aaron Rossetto3 weeks
v4.1.0.0uhd-  uhd-  Aaron Rossetto5 weeks
v4.1.0.0-rc1uhd-  uhd-  Aaron Rossetto6 weeks
x410-prereleaseuhd-x410-prerelease.tar.xz  uhd-x410-prerelease.zip  michael-west6 weeks
v4.0.0.0uhd-  uhd-  michael-west11 months
v4.0.0.0-rc1uhd-  uhd-  michael-west11 months
v3.15.0.0uhd-  uhd-  michael-west19 months
v3.15.0.0-rc3uhd-  uhd-  michael-west20 months
v3.14.1.1.Luhd-  uhd-  michael-west20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 daysci: Remove documentation-only changes from pipeline runsHEADmasterMartin Braun2-0/+6
14 daysuhd: Update version, manifest, and changelogsAaron Rossetto4-17/+55
2021-07-20b200: Move the B200 radio control core into usrp/b200/Martin Braun7-25/+24
2021-07-20dbsrx: Fix issue with loop variableMartin Braun1-3/+4
2021-07-20rfnoc: allow find_blocks to search by device number or block count.Lars Amsel3-4/+9
2021-07-20utils: Get signal above noise floor when finding optimal gainmattprost1-9/+31
2021-07-14ci: enable batch CISteven Koo1-0/+1
2021-07-14ci: Split CI and PR pipelines for mono pipelineSteven Koo3-47/+70
2021-07-14docs: Fix typo in ZBX Block DiagramSam O'Brien1-2/+2
2021-07-14rfnoc: fix block id check to allow underscoreLars Amsel2-1/+8