BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterrfnoc: tick_node: Search all nodes for tick ratesMartin Braun11 days
x300_fp_gpio_fixx300: adding FP GPIO source control exampleseklai13 days
UHD- ReleaseMichael West8 weeks
UHD-3.13N3xx: Update max rev to 7michael-west3 months
UHD-3.12Update manifest for N3xx images for releasemichael-west10 months
rfnoc-devele300_remote_codec_ctrl: add impl of set_timing_modeTrung Tran11 months
UHD-3.9.LTSboost: Fixed boost posix_time compilation issue for boost 1.67Paul David11 months
UHD-3.11Release months
UHD-3.10UHD Releasemichael-west16 months
rfnoc-ofdmrfnoc: Correct FFT direction in Noc ScriptJonathon Pendlum22 months
v3.14.0.0uhd-  uhd-  michael-west8 weeks
v3.14.0.0-rc3uhd-  uhd-  michael-west2 months
v3.14.0.0-rc2uhd-  uhd-  Brent Stapleton3 months
v3.14.0.0-rc1uhd-  uhd-  michael-west3 months
v3.13.1.0uhd-  uhd-  michael-west4 months
v3.13.1.0-rc2uhd-  uhd-  michael-west5 months
v3.14.0.0-a1-20181220uhd-  uhd-  Martin Braun5 months
v3.14.0.0-a0-20181220uhd-  uhd-  Martin Braun5 months
v3.13.1.0-rc1uhd-  uhd-  michael-west7 months
v3.13.0.3-rc1uhd-  uhd-  michael-west8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
11 daysrfnoc: tick_node: Search all nodes for tick ratesHEADmasterMartin Braun1-3/+5
12 dayslog: Change logging coloursMartin Braun1-3/+3
12 dayslog: Fix ANSI colour codesMartin Braun2-7/+10
12 daysadf435x: run clang-formatMark Meserve1-146/+251
12 daystwinrx: set lo2 to use new low spur tuning modeMark Meserve2-6/+3
12 daysadf435x: add low spur tuning modeMark Meserve1-5/+56
12 daysuhdlib: add rational approximation to math utilitiesMark Meserve1-0/+75
2019-05-02twinrx: add lo charge pump propertiesMark Meserve5-19/+116
2019-05-02adf535x: add charge pump controlMark Meserve1-3/+55
2019-05-02adf435x: add charge pump with double parameterMark Meserve1-0/+34