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+Installation Makefile Target
+ # make install
+This command takes into account several environment variables:
+ * PREFIX default: /usr
+ * DESTDIR default:
+ * BINDIR default: $(PREFIX)/bin
+ * LIBDIR default: $(PREFIX)/lib
+ * MANDIR default: $(PREFIX)/share/man
+ * BASHCOMPDIR default: $(PREFIX)/share/bash-completion/completions
+ * RUNSTATEDIR default: /var/run
+ * PKG_CONFIG default: pkg-config
+ * WITH_BASHCOMPLETION default: [auto-detect]
+The first section is rather standard. The second section is not:
+ * WITH_BASHCOMPLETION decides whether or not bash completion files for the
+ tools are installed. This is just a nice thing for people who have bash.
+ If you don't have bash, or don't want this, set the environment variable
+ to `no'. If you'd like to force its use, even if bash-completion isn't
+ detected in DESTDIR, then set it to `yes'.
+If you're a simple `make && make install` kind of user, you can get away with
+not setting these variables and relying on the auto-detection. However, if
+you're writing a package for a distro, you'll want to explicitly set these,
+depending on what you want.