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* Allow /32 and /128 to be omitted in ip= keysThomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-12/+15
* Properly send and display wg_errno and errmsgThomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-4/+5
* Change request_ip protocolThomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-20/+14
* Fix parsing issue with split messagesThomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-16/+17
* Fixup client, including a lot of refactoringThomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-8/+0
* Extract all RTNETLINK code into ipm.{c,h}Thomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-67/+0
* Serialize/deserialize messages into a structThomas Gschwantner2019-12-111-193/+196
* Improve error handling and serializationThomas Gschwantner2019-08-201-33/+39
* Implement lease expirationThomas Gschwantner2019-07-181-1/+0
* Use epoll() instead of poll()Thomas Gschwantner2019-06-141-28/+23
* Implement basic lease managementThomas Gschwantner2019-06-121-2/+10
* Add BUG() and BUG_ON()Thomas Gschwantner2019-06-021-1/+1
* Implement faked allocations, server sideLinus Nordberg2019-05-261-14/+170
* Implement key=value parsingThomas Gschwantner2019-02-091-0/+286